Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The resolute, tough, hockey-mom Sarah you haven't seen yet -- but will starting tonight. See the Israel flag above in the background. Israel has a special part in Sarah's heart and beliefs, as it does in mine.
I may be one of a minority (?) of PEOPLE (especially males) in America that actually takes women like Sarah Palin seriously. I don't patronize them. I don't humor them. I don't "define" women as a tiny segment of urban, liberal America. I don't dismiss their points-of-view and their actions by treating them as if they weren't worth discussion and debate.

I'm profoundly disappointed in Hillary Rodham Clinton for ignoring a major opportunity to speak up for a woman under a relentless attack by people that hate women in general and Sarah and HRC in particular.

What's happening on the blogosphere and in the media goes beyond any single election. The Democratic Party is now firmly in the hands of paid Obama bloggers, Daily Kos,, and the DNC, which are basically hate groups, especially in regard to women.

"What does it profit a woman if she gain 'reproductive rights' and loses her immortal soul."

The "progressive" Ricki Lieberman and others like her ARE in fact losing their soul and I doubt they even know it. I always supported Ricki's actions on behalf of HRC, although I thought they were as futile as they were frenetic. In the end, they were "a tale . . . full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." Ricki, for a change, now remains silent -- sadly but perhaps expectedly.

The modern Democratic Party is a version of Marie Bonoparte: "Let them eat abortions." Of course, the additional message is: "Let that be enough for you -- and don't cross us -- or otherwise we will destroy you and your family."

Sadly, in the current (and future?) atmosphere, even the presidency becomes increasingly meaningfless and sterile, along with everything else in life. As Dostoevsky said (speaking of basic morality and human worth), "If God is dead, everything is permitted." Well, apparently now, everything IS permitted, and NOTHING has value.

I will be blogging and mailing today, tomorrow, and always on the subject of the Democrats' message of hate and how it is ultimately destructive of a lot more than one particular woman. I'm doing so in large part for my daughters and granddaughters -- and yours.


I'm putting together (along with Erika and whoever else wants to help -- the more help the better) a letter of support for Sarah Palin. Something called, possibly, "Where are the so-called feminists?"

What we need is statements from women (and men), preferably WITH their names stating why they are outraged at the treatment of Sarah Palin. If you have experienced sexual harrasment at work (I have); if you have experienced domestic violence; if you have fought the glass ceiling; if you are just sickened by the tactics the Democrats are using (and many of us are Independent, Democrats, voted for Hillary, or don't even agree with Palin on all the issues -- but that is not the point) -- say so.

The Democrats are sinking to a new low. Obama gave a statement saying families are off limits, but I don't believe for a second he is not behind this -- his favorite blogs are out in full force attacking her for not being vetted (she was), etc. Just take a gander at The Huffington Post and The Daily Kos.

Where is NOW?

The only woman I've seen come forward is Geraldine Ferraro. Wendy -- will need your technical skills on a way to get this posted some place that people can sign it -- TODAY, ASAP. She speaks tonight and I want this out immediately. I am furious. I won't stand for this anymore. Men can sign too. I will draft a letter, but I don't know how to get it posted someplace where people can virtually sign it and I can then post it. Quotes from women and men are great to use in it.

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