Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama Naming Hillary V-P Candidate

One down (Biden) . . . and two (Barack and Hillary) to go. Sarah the Giant-Slayer . . . who has turned American politics on its pointy head . . .

Hillary Clinton to be named Obama's V-P candidate . . . "I have a lifetime of experience. Sen. McCain has a lifetime of experience. Senator Obama has a speech he delivered in 2002." (Hillary Rodham Clinton) This piece is NOT copyrighted.
MoveOn.Org on the Move Away from Biden?
Bulletin at 10:30 ET: One of my fact-checkers just provided the following: She's a Hillaryite converted to Sarah Adoration. She's working to verify what she sent. "I just was told that has pulled their Obama/Biden ads on facebook and replaced them with just a simple "Obama" ad.I can't find the sticker ad on my ad-board, I usually get it."

We have received information from sources high in the Democratic Party that, in a cynical, desperation move, Hillary Rodham Clinton will replace the hapless Joe Biden as V-P candidate on the Obama ticket. I will send out more information on this within the next hours -- and days. Hillary Clinton has said that Barack H. Obama is not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief. Presumably, he hasn't grown any more qualified in the past few weeks. As the saying now goes, "It took a Republican woman [Sarah Palin] to have the Obama Dems name a female to the ticket."

What the new campaign slogan? "I'm propping up an empty suit?" "He can sleep while I stay up till 3 a.m.?"

Scroll down for analysis of this stunning development

"Stand up! Stand up! And fight for what's right" (John McCain)

Much more information to follow later . . . This is the site that first broke the news that John McCain would name Sarah Palin as his running mate (scroll down).

Analysis of the coming "new" Democratic ticket:

When Sharon (OK), Jean (WA), and I figured out the story of the Sarah choice, I sent out e-mails that said "I hope I'm right . . ." Now, I know I'm right, even though you're not hearing it on CNN or MSNBC. Those people couldn't break an egg. My sources are from central Texas, Washington, DC, and elsewhere, and they are consistent truth-tellers and fact-knowers. Sarah and Jean are NOT the sources of this story, although neither one will be surprised.

One of the key moments in this development was when Joe Biden said in NH that Hillary Clinton would have been a "better" V-P candidate than he. I have been dancing around for days on blogs saying that "Hillary is coming . . ."

However, I believe McCain-Palin is unstoppable at this point, whomever the Dems run against them. There's no reason to disbelieve serious polls that show them 10 or more points ahead.

I feel as good about this story as I did about the Palin choice story two weeks ago. I will not name the people (three in recent days) who told me this is going to happen. I trust them all, and Democratic Party logic indicates that group will stoop to any lengths to try to win this race. After all, what's a few more months of humiliation for Sen. Clinton?

The "rumors" various people at Clintons4McCain and NoBama Mission had during the run-up to the Convention that Hillary didn't get the nod because "she asked for too much" were true. (Of course, with the Obama crowd, one wonders if "too much" was a promise that she wouldn't have to make coffee for The Chosen One.)

Right about now, with the Obama Campaign falling like a boulder from the sky, Hillary can get (promises! promises!) just about anything.

Okay, on Biden: the one straw that broke "Joe Camel's" back was the fact that the Palin Effect is going to cost the Democrats many seats in the Congress. The Rassmussen Poll shows that the huge "generic Democrat" lead nationally in congressional races has disappeared. I believe this has been noted (and how!) by the Democrats now likely to lose their seats.

I also believe the "transfer" of V-P roles probably COULD take place as early as Monday, although it could occur somewhat later. Biden -- "health problems," you know -- will not be "sick enough" to drop out of his Senate race. He doesn't look any sicker than usual to me. He does look old and tired. He got 9,000 votes in the presidential primaries, his high-water mark in two decades of running futilely for President.

Yes, Hillary Clinton can endorse Obama, the man who labeled her a warmonger, a liar, and a racist. She can endorse the politician whom her husband claimed "played the race card" against him.

Hey, friends this is today's "Obama Democrats." Nothing lost save honor and integrity.

When I heard from the McCain camp (through the legendary "little birdie") about their "Biden Strategy," I thought it was a good one. Essentially, it said, "Ignore him. He's irrelevant, a windbag who's been wrong on every major issue of our time." Well said. If he makes it to the debate on Oct. 2, Sarah Palin will mop the floor with him.

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