Sunday, September 21, 2008

Biden Bye-Bye, Hillary Hello?

In his piece linked below, Pittsburgh columnist Jack Kelly cites me (correctly) as one of the sources on the movement to dump Joe Biden and replace him with Hillary Clinton. I stand by the story, although it becomes more difficult for Obama to act as the story gains greater publicity. Obama nemesis Cristi Adkins and I interviewed Jack Kelly yesterday on Clintons4McCain Blog Talk Radio (accessible soon on the widget to your right).

Dump Joe Biden Idea Gaining Momentum
September 18, 2008

We reported here on Peace and Freedom yesterday that some top Democrats are now urging Barack Obama to dump Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate and replace the Senator from Delaware with Hillary Clinton, the Senator from New York. The rumblings of this idea persist….and are gaining momentum….Link to our article from yesterday and then read below Jack Kelly’s take on all this:

Could Hillary Replace Biden As Obama VEEP Candidate?

By Jack Kelly
The Washington Times
September 18, 2008

n what now seems the long ago days between the time Sen. John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate and her acceptance speech, there was considerable speculation in the news media that Mr. McCain would drop her from the ticket.

This was entirely a media invention. There was no sentiment among Republicans for replacing Mrs. Palin, and Mr. McCain - whose loyalty to his friends nearly cost him his life in Vietnam - is not the kind of person who would desert his choice.

And there was a very practical reason why this option never was considered. Sen. George McGovern was going to lose in 1972 no matter what, but the final nail in his coffin was when he dumped running-mate Sen. Thomas Eagleton after it was revealed Mr. Eagleton had had shock treatments for an unspecified mental illness. With one stroke, Mr. McGovern called into question both his judgment and his loyalty.

There has, of course, been no further speculation about dropping Sarah Palin from the ticket after her boffo performance in St. Paul, Minn. But my friend Steve Maloney (who first got me interested in Sarah Palin) says his sources in the Democratic Party tell him Barack Obama is being pressured to dump Sen. Joseph Biden from the ticket and replace him with Hillary Clinton, the switch to come just after the vice presidential debate Oct. 2.

Speculation about such a switch has emerged on several left-wing blogs.“It’s time to dump Biden and replace him with Sen. Hillary Clinton,” said Andy Ostroy on the Huffington Post Monday. “I’m starting to think that if Team Obama doesn’t do something dramatic fast, it’s gonna lose this election.”

(You can read all of Kelly's fascinating article by clicking on the story-link above. The date I hear for the Biden Bye-Bye is Oct. 5 at which point he will feign a serious illness.)

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