Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McCain-Palin: Winning Tactics



We have strength in numbers.

We have exponential strength when executing a single, clear strategy.

Believe that we have victory only if we have the belief that our individual effort will be the critical piece to win and without individual involvement, we choose defeat . An idle solider on the battlefield results in deaths and surely defeat.

Commit to organizing and investing just one hour with four others between now and election day.

Each day is critical. Every day is a gaurantee to lose hundreds, thousands of votes when we are compacent.

Put your money where your mouth is.


Increase voter registration.Only 50-58% of total citizens vote. Imagine getting 65% of the base to show up. It will be a landslide. In fact. 2 or 3 additional percentage of pro-American citizens may be enough. This is the 'critical path.' If we fail to do this, nothing else matters.

Advocate Publically to Widen Audience. Take your message to the streets in a respectful matter with 4 other people together for one hour. Make signs showing supports. One hour of demonstrations can results in hundreds, maybe thousands being encouraged to support their candidate, reminded to register, encouraged to get involved. One hour can result in tens, maybe hundreds of votes. You will be surprised at the POSITIVE feedback you will get. Note: You may need a permit.

Fight the Media Bias. Keep them accountable. Fight the smears, show them that you will not take it. Everytime you see unfair treatment, call and email. Get others to do it. When egregious, take to the streets, contact advertisers. As we get closer to election, the MSM will be Obama-network. Fight, fight, fight for freedom, fight for country, fight for what's right.

Engage 'Persons of Influence' that impact campaign strategy locally and nationally. eg: McCain Campaign office, your local offices, prominent bloggers, newspapers. If you have a good idea or feedback on what the McCain campaign should to differently, DO NOT HESITATE, call the McCain office. Ask for RIck Davis' office. They will usually put you through. Busy signal, call back.

Put your Money where your Mouth is. Commit to buying just 1 sign and bumper sticker for $7.00. Then get friends and family to do so as well.

Commit to Placing SIgns in Just One Neighborhood (it might not even be yours..) or one Prominent visible Street. If you can, purchase them as they are donations, if not, your local office will have them. If legal, staple signs on telephone poles.

Add your Personal Touch - Be ye not ashamed of your candiate and beliefs. Blog, create a petion, create a "Soccer Mom's for McCain" or "IT Professionals for McCain/Palin,"Your neighborhood for McCain/Palin," have 'friendly political luncheon Friday's,' put and hand out your bumper stickers etc...

Tell all your friends and family that you will be calling them the day before and the day of voting. Tell local seniors or those limited in communications that you'll give them a ride to voting booth, even if it is not for your candidate. Ability to vote is a privilege, right and responsibility that was bought with blood. It must be cherished, it must be respected.

Remember, we have exponential strength in numbers - Get just 4 other people in your group. Show your support. Go to the local office and volunteer for one hour. The most critical, IMO is to increase voter registration. This is where we have an F and Obama has an A. Democrat registration is up by hundreds of thousands, maybe millions as a result of the Primaries and Republican registration is down. Have voter registration forms at your house.. in your car. Take them with you when you go out to demonstrate. Spend one hour doorbell dining ina a neighborhood. RESOURCES:

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Feedback is welcome, either by writing me (Steve) at TalkTop65@aol.com or by going to the website of the author of the above material, Paul, at: http://mccainpalin2008.blogspot.com

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