Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sarah Palin: America's Pit Bull

Read below for critical poll analysis! Sarah Palin is dominating the medai, print and electronic, and something once-unthinkable is occurring: bloggers supporting John McCain -- 500-plus -- are beginning to dominate the Web.

Sarah Palin: "You know the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Lipstick!"
Thanks to the 140,000-plus people who have visited my blogs in the past eight days. My main blog is: I also have a very popular blog established in April that appeals mainly to people who supported Hillary Clinton and are now behind McCain-Palin: Finally, there's my Pennsylvania-specific blog: I hope you'll visit all of them frequently. I was the blogger who broke the story that McCain would choose Sarah Palin as his running-mate -- at 2:30 a.m. two Fridays ago.
Sunday) Zogby Poll Showing McCain-Palin with significant lead. I believe this poll is probably accurate. It doesn't factor in the reality that some people always say they'll vote for Obama and then they don't. I believe the Gallup Poll is off this year as it was in 2004, when it said Bush would win PA (he didn't), and Kerry would win OH (he didn't), and FL was a "toss up" (it wasn't, Bush won handily)
McCain's people expect their "bounce" to continue through about Sept. 11 or 12. But the race will continue to be fairly close through the November election. Obama's still significant leads in Illinois, New York, California, and even the N. England states (other than NH) are hiding the fact that McCain-Palin is doing well at this point in terms of winning the presidency. The McCain Campaign (as with the naming of Sarah Palin and her tremendous performance in St. Paul) continues to throw the Obama-Biden Campaign off balance, which has been the case for months.
Obama's tiny bounce from Denver was mostly a name recognition increase. Unlike McCain, Obama gained no traction from his vice-presidential choice -- and probably further irritated Hillary Supporters.
True, some Hillary Supporters who were on the fence seem to have gravitated toward Obama. However, most Hillary Supporters are either pleased or thrilled with the Sarah choice. Her obvious "toughness" (moral fiber and courage) also has appeal to male voters, particularly in Red States but also in battleground sites like PA, OH, and MI. McCain needs to run as a commercial the last minute-plus of his speech in St. Paul, complete with the roaring Convention crowd -- and the huge, responsive group in Times Square.
McCain is probably praying that the Obama Camp goes negative against Sarah Palin, because negativity aimed at her has backfired badly. America loves the Palin Family, and political bullying will not work.
The national media will continue to carry water for Obama, but fewer and fewer people take them seriously. The critical thing for people who admire John and Sarah is to continue to reach out to people who might normally go with the Democratic candidate.
This key segment of this group is women voters, particularly those who liked (or REALLY liked) Senator Clinton. Mrs. Clinton may be in somewhat of a trap. If she comes on too strong against Palin, she may further erode her already tarnished image.

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