Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama Knee-Deep in Financial Crisis

As this week goes on, you'll read a great deal here about how rogue financial institutions have been pouring money into the coffers of Barack H. Obama, not only in the presidential election but earlier in his U.S. Senate race. Obama's hand has been in every cookie jar on Wall Street.

It's important to go to http://opensecrets.org in order to do some serious research on Obama's fundraising, including this year and his 2004 Senate race. Obama, after Chris Dodd, was the biggest recipient of donations from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and his economic adviser, Franklin Raines, was a major architect of the financial disaster. So, too, was Jim Johnson, who (briefly) headed Obama's V-P search team. McCain is exploiting this.

But a key point to bring out how many millions (tens of millions?) Obama has received from financial firms, not only Fannie and Freddie, but also Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and many, many other firms whose hands are dirty in the recent financial events. Goldman Sachs has treated Obama like the world's most expensive mistress.

Bloggers and other onliners: We need to concentrate on issues that will ring a bell with the American people and avoid ones that mainly academic exercises. The fact that Obama has received millions from people who caused the economic crisis will resonate.

Also, Obama is pulling out of one state after another -- North Dakota, Montana, Alaska (of course), Georgia, and, soon, North Carolina. That is not a sign of a candidate who's doing well. People are figuring out that this is a guy who raises lots of money from people of questionable character, starting with Tony Rezko.

The most important things all of us can do between now and the election are: (1) tell family and friends we support McCain/Palin (and why); (2) Go to McCain's Online Phone Bank and make as many calls as you can. You can get to the Phone Bank by clicking on the following: http://johnmccain.com/PhoneBank/NoPhoneBank.aspx.

On your phone calls, give your name and location, be e, be firm (in your support of John and Sarah), and be relatively brief. Thank people for their support of McCain-Palin.

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