Monday, September 8, 2008

Pro McCain Letter Goes Viral

Piper Palin at Native Alaskan village is -- like her mom, Sarah Palin -- flying high.

Sarah Palin's electrifying speech at the Republican Convention -- followed by John McCain's impassioned call to "Fight for what's right" -- had a tremendous effect on the nation. Hillary Supporters are flocking to McCain-Palin, and that may be something Obama's Mud Machine can't counteract.

The following letter to me from Charles and Mary has "gone viral." It's all over the Web. Charles and Mary were fervent backers of Hillary Clinton. Now, they're equally committed backers of John McCain and Sarah Heath Palin. If you wish, please copy it and send to friends and family.

"Steve...I will pass this on to all my people. I agree with you 100%....the last few minutes of McCain's speech should be placed in a commercial and run it many times...Steve...As I mentioned..I am a Marine Veteran and when McCain said "Fight, Fight, Fight for what is right and what you believe in...stand up, stand up and fight with me, fight etc..." Steve...many memories came back about some very brave wonderful people who fought and I am NOT ashamed to strong as I am...I had tears in my eyes...I really did Steve.By the way, sometimes with all the work everyone is doing we forget to take a second to thank the people who are doing more than anyone.
"Steve, Mary and I want to thank you more than you'll ever know for what you're doing. You are a proud and wonderful American and I am proud to know you.May God Bless you and your Family always." All our bestMary and Charles
Mary and Charles, I lvoe you both. Beyond that, I believe Sen. McCain and Sarah Palin also love you. I know you two will always "fight for what's right."

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