Friday, September 5, 2008

Palin Getting Major Democrat Support

The latest CBS News poll shows the race for President tied -- and that was the day before Gov. Palin's electrifying speech. Look for a big, continuing bounce for McCain-Palin.

How is Sarah's magnificent performance playing in Alaska? The following is from the Anchorage Daily News (

Palin electrifies Republican conventionGov. Sarah Palin introduced herself to the nation Wednesday night as a small-town hockey mom with backbone who cleaned up Alaska and tried to sell Frank Murkowski's jet on eBay.

If you'd like to see me debating two liberal Democrats on KDKA-TV, here's a link to Thursday night’s RNC chat: Note: I won.

I'm fascinated by the number of Democrats -- dozens -- writing to me who no longer consider themselves members of that Party. An important participant in a big Yahoo Group, Mentis, sent me the following.

"I'm a Hillary supporter who went Independent, and will be voting for McCain rather than support Nobama. John made a good choice in Palin. She has executive experience... unlike both Nobama, and Biden. I've been Dem most of my life, but I put country above party, and have to go with the best candidates...which-this time around-happen to be GOP. John has built a ticket which can save us from Nobama's racist, anti-American, terrorist-supported agenda. Way to go!"

More on Friday from former Democrats . . . may their numbers increase like the numbers of fish in the sea . . .

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