Friday, November 21, 2008

Pro-Palin Organizations for You

Sarah Palin: Hope for Americans Valuing Freedom, Tolerance, and Opportunity

As we end the "grieving process" over the election of Barack H. Obama, we must turn to forming alliances that will ensure the self-absorbed President-elect endures the fate he so richly deserves: a one-term presidency.Some words about who's getting this e-mail. It includes Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and a few Libertarians. Recipients include African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans, as well as Australians, Canadians, and an Indian computer whiz.

Many of you are bloggers, including veterans of the "NoBama Mission" efforts. Some of the most creative political activists in the world are reading this, including one woman who helped ensure that every county in her state went for John McCain and Sarah Palin. Another person - a blogger - was a major factor in Gov. Palin's getting the Republican nomination, a fact she herself acknowledged.

If, as appears likely, Governor Palin chooses to run for the presidency, some people reading this should be the ones who play major roles in the campaign. Although you'll all make your own choices, my blog(s) will advocate the nomination and election of Gov. Sarah Heath Palin in 2012. will function as a clearing house for organizations and information helpful to the Governor's cause. I'll also work to coordinate "payback" for the Obama Campaign (which, trust me, is endless) and its media minions who are dedicated to smearing Sarah Palin and her family.My other blog (stevemaloneygop) will emphasize issues of concern to patriotic Americans who reject Obama's "Socialism Lite," his weakness on matters of national defense and security, and his disregard for constitutional principles.

Beginning this weekend, I'll be writing about two key questions: (1) "Why Sarah?"; (2) "Why now?" Short answers: (1) She's the best candidate with a chance to win in 2012, and, (2) if we wait until 2011 or 2012 to select a candidate, we might as well let Obama run unopposed.I won't really have a specific organization for you to join, but I urge you to sign up with effective, action-oriented groups like those highlighted below: (RMLN)

This terrific site for bloggers and others is managed by Janet in Georgia. She says the following: "The Network originally came into being when the press started going after Sarah Palin. Some of our blogs were already going in full force supporting John McCain and / or conservative issues. Many of our blogs were rolled out, brand new, just for the Network. As we blogged, we grew. We attracted a wide variety of bloggers writing about a broad spectrum of issues. Our blogs are maintained by Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Republicans and those who aren't sure where they fall except they hold to the principles and values that have made our country the greatest in the world. . . . We've grown and we're still growing. We want to be the voice that is missed when you pick up the local newspapers or visit mainstream media websites."

" ("ModCon")

"Winning the war of ideas. One mind at a time." On ModCon's approach: There are 3150 counties in the US, and ModCon wants to organize in all of them. It is headed by some of the most effective voices in the conservative movement. is a big organization that's on its way to becoming HUGE. Right after the election, it had 45,000 members; now, it will exceed 60,000. It is endorsing Sarah Palin for President in 2012. It emphasizes timely, practical actions that are essential to political victories. Here's what it says about the Georgia senatorial runoff:

"Calling all Team Sarah members to make phone calls in the Georgia Senate runoff race. We cannot lose another seat in the Senate-- we must have Saxby Chambliss' vote to STOP Obama's radical plans."Please make phone calls to Georgia voters today and remind them how critical it is that the vote for Saxby in the runoff."You can access an online phone bank here: ("Wake Up America")"Wake Up America (WAM) is a grassroots movement emphasizing effective cultural and political actions, including:

o Bringing about reforms in the Mainstream Media to better serve the public interest;
o Influencing mass media to report vital news & information accurately and objectively;
o Disseminating public information that increases integrity and transparency in Washington, D.C.;
o Supporting public officials to place the Will of the People over self-serving interests;
o Generating effective action in Congress on critical issues of concern to most Americans.

On DraftPalin2012, I'll be writing in the weeks ahead about other organizations that deserve your support. Which of the above organization should you join? I've joined all them. In fact, my hope is that eventually they'll combine forces and become the very large, effective group we need to win future elections.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Palin for President Movement, Activists

Above: Wonders never cease. President of the Los Angeles chapter of NOW gives Sarah Palin a powerful endorsement (rally in Carson City, NV)

In general, I'm going to be on "hiatus" through December 1, 2008, although I will produce a few columns from time-to-time. Right now, I'm mainly involved in acquainting activists -- well over 100 of them -- with one another. These are people who are going to play a crucial role in helping us regain political power. They will be key individuals in defeating Barack H. Obama in 2012. So, keep returning, as you've always done -- and have a great Thanksgiving. Thank you and God bless.

[Note; If you're a political activist interested in finding the most effective ways to defeat Obama in 2012, please send me an e-mail at: If you're already on my mailing lists, you don't have to sign up again.]

Friday, November 14, 2008

Christians MUST Oppose Obama, FOCA

I sent the following message to Catholic activist Mary McCurry. Frankly, I want the RC Church to make a clear point: that one can be either a Roman Catholic or an Obama voter, but not both. If the Church does not make this point clearly before the 2012 election, it will descend into total irrelevance. It would become nothing more than one more social organization.

Mary, the response of the Roman Catholic Church to the candidacy of the most pro-abortion candidate in American history was thoroughly inadequate. Any politician or voter who supported Obama-Biden should be excommunicated.

For whatever reasons, the Church is unwilling to take that necessary step. Frankly, some Catholics, including priests, are willing to let the church become a civic/social organization with much diminished moral standing.

I am a Roman Catholic who is increasingly embarrassed by the timidity and moral drift of the Church leadership. Yes, prayer is extremely important, but it should not be seen as a substitute for moral courage. The fact that a majority of Roman Catholics voted for Obama is a sign that the teaching function of the Church is undergoing total chaos.

If a pro-life candidate, such as Sarah Palin, is running against a pro-abortion candidate, such as Obama, no Catholic can in good conscience vote Obama. The Church leadership needs to make that very clear to its members.

On the so-called "Freedom of Choice Act," which Obama has pledged to sign, which would open the floodgates to abortion-on-demand.It's essential that the Senate use a filibuster against this piece of extremist legislation. If that doesn't work, we will need to turn to the Supreme Court.

As Justice Scalia said recently, "The Constitution does not prohibit abortion. The Constitution does not permit abortion." What he's saying is quite clear: The U.S. Constitution does not address the subject of abortion. This is not Scalia's "opinion"; it is a statement of fact.

The Constitution is a written document, available for all to read. It's not a "living document," one subject to judicial whims. Also, it's not some figment of Barack Obama's addled imagination.

Abortion is therefore one of those issues covered by the Tenth Amendment. That means it is up to states and individuals in each state. Neither Congress nor the Court has the right -- the authority -- to usurp power belonging to the states and their citizens.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Morris: Palin Halted Democratic Landslide

Sarah Palin in Minnesota (in the red circle)

I'll be writing tomorrow and this weekend about why Obama's toadies in the media dislike Sarah Palin. The only one who seem to like her -- in addition to me and my readers -- are the American people.

If you read Dick Morris' piece above (click on the link), you'll see the powerful, positive effect she had on the GOP campaign.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Country PAC Backs Palin

The following blog article on Sarah Palin and the Our Country Deserves Better PAC is from the New York Times. You can visit my regular Palin blog by clicking here.

November 11, 2008, 5:49 pm — Updated: 12:45 pm -->
Palin’s Appeal Proves Durable
By Sarah Wheaton

As she seeks to recover politically from her failed election bid on Senator John McCain’s ticket, the big question for Gov. Sarah Palin has been whether her backers would remain enthusiastic over the long run.

As it turns out, over the past few days, about 1,000 people have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Our Country Deserves Better, a political action committee that is planning a pro-Palin advertisement later this month.

“We thought it would be appropriate to have the thank-you ad run around Thanksgiving,” said Joe Wiezbicki, the PAC’s coordinator. The group expects to shoot on Monday and raise “a couple hundred thousand dollars” to buy airtime nationally.

Our Country Deserves Better, based in Sacramento, was founded during the campaign to draw contrasts between Senator Barack Obama and John McCain, holding a cross-country, 40-stop tour and even running a pro-Palin commercial. Ms. Palin’s nomination brought praise from conservatives, and she drew large, enthusiastic crowds.

But now, Mr. Wierzbicki said, there has been “an absence of a pro-Palin cohort.”

“This woman’s reputation is going to be so damaged that she can never be a national political figure,” he added. So the goal of the ad is to “preserve her options.”

Mr. Wierzbicki said he was “surprised” by the response so far, which he called a “testament to her”, given typical post-election fatigue, especially on the losing side.

“I don’t think we would’ve seen the same level of response” if the planned spot were to defend Mr. McCain, he said.

NOTE: You can contribute to the Our Country Deserves Better PAC by clicking HERE.

Monday, November 10, 2008

What Sarah Palin Must Do

As a 20-year-old college student, Adam Brickley of Colorado Springs launched the Draft Palin for VP movement. Late in August Adam's "impossible dream" came true. He blogs at: The following is his advice to Sarah Palin:


1. Don't pay much attention to 2012 speculation and focus on being Governor. Cement yourself as a presence on the national scene, but top priority is getting that gasline built (thereby giving yourself another major accomplishment as Governor and potentially lowering energy prices down here in the lower can run on that in 2012)

2. Launch "SarahPAC" as soon as possible. You are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fundraising potential, and lots of people will be happy to give you lots of cash to distribute to candidates around the country (this also gives you an excuse to occasionally go on campaign trips). You can use SarahPAC (or whatever you decide to call it) to establish a reputation for helping other Republicans win, and gain some loyalty from the Congressmen that you want to endorse your eventual candidacy.

3. Write a bestseller. The subject is irrelevant, though including a good deal of policy talk would probably be helpful. The American public needs to know that you are an intelligent and capable leader, so show them how smart you are. Plus, it never hurts to have to do a bunch of interviews to promote your new book, and if you wrote on energy policy, you could establish yourself as a "preeminent authority" on the subject.

4. DO NOT RUN FOR THE U.S. SENATE. You need to stay far away from Washington and continue to build your resume (and ensure that you get the credit for that shiny new gasline). If you want to run for something, run for re-election.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gov. Sarah Palin: America's Hope

It's not exactly a secret that I have a new blog -- -- that I hope to keep going through Inauguration Day, 2013. On that day, the woman above should be be installed as America's first female President. If you want to be a part of that process, please come to the DraftPalin2012 site and learn what you can do to make it all happen. In the future, this Campaign2008VictoryA site will continue. I'll cross-post columns on another site: I appreciate the 150,000-plus hits this site has had, and I hope you all keep returning.

If we have a million-plus activists, "boots on the ground," by 2011 -- including your boots -- we can take the next election. We can't win it by hoping. We can win it by working . . . organizing . . . and communicating.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sarah, Todd Palin Looking Great

I hope you'll go to my brand-new blog and see some superb photos of Todd and Sarah Palin. Tomorrow mornin (Tuesday), I'll be writing about Pennsylvania and why I believe McCain-Palin will win the state in a very close race. Above are some samples of the photos you'll see at

Sunday, November 2, 2008

How McCain Can Win Election

Sarah Palin: Is this the face of America's next Vice President. (Note: Please visit -- and bookmark -- my new site by clicking on the following:

I expect Barack Obama to win the popular vote by perhaps three million ballots. However, that doesn't mean John McCain has no chance to win the presidency. How could that happen?

To emerge with a victory on Nov. 4, McCain needs to win Ohio, FL, PA, NC, and VA. Other than that, we're in great shape. :-)

However, we have a chance of winning those six states. If we lose one, I prefer it to be VA. McCain has a narrow window, but narrow is better than a brick wall. If McCain pulls off a big upset in a state, please God, let it be CO!

Critical point: If you hear a lot Tuesday night about the "Wilder Effect," you are allowed to cheer and have a couple of drinks. That refers to the time when Doug Wilder, of some African-American descent, was ahead in the polls by 9 points for Gov. of VA. In fact, he ended up winning by just under ONE percent. People fib to pollsters for much the same reason they hang up on telemarketers

I have a hunch Obama will get about 3-4% fewer votes (and McCain about 2-3% more) in battleground states than the polls suggest. If that doesn't happen, the Obaminable One probably wins. :-

(When I need sources of optimism, I look back to the Dem. Primaries, where Obama was supposed to win NH big (and he lost rather badly) and come close in PA (where he lost b y almost 10 points). Must have been "the Wilder Effect," right?