Friday, November 14, 2008

Christians MUST Oppose Obama, FOCA

I sent the following message to Catholic activist Mary McCurry. Frankly, I want the RC Church to make a clear point: that one can be either a Roman Catholic or an Obama voter, but not both. If the Church does not make this point clearly before the 2012 election, it will descend into total irrelevance. It would become nothing more than one more social organization.

Mary, the response of the Roman Catholic Church to the candidacy of the most pro-abortion candidate in American history was thoroughly inadequate. Any politician or voter who supported Obama-Biden should be excommunicated.

For whatever reasons, the Church is unwilling to take that necessary step. Frankly, some Catholics, including priests, are willing to let the church become a civic/social organization with much diminished moral standing.

I am a Roman Catholic who is increasingly embarrassed by the timidity and moral drift of the Church leadership. Yes, prayer is extremely important, but it should not be seen as a substitute for moral courage. The fact that a majority of Roman Catholics voted for Obama is a sign that the teaching function of the Church is undergoing total chaos.

If a pro-life candidate, such as Sarah Palin, is running against a pro-abortion candidate, such as Obama, no Catholic can in good conscience vote Obama. The Church leadership needs to make that very clear to its members.

On the so-called "Freedom of Choice Act," which Obama has pledged to sign, which would open the floodgates to abortion-on-demand.It's essential that the Senate use a filibuster against this piece of extremist legislation. If that doesn't work, we will need to turn to the Supreme Court.

As Justice Scalia said recently, "The Constitution does not prohibit abortion. The Constitution does not permit abortion." What he's saying is quite clear: The U.S. Constitution does not address the subject of abortion. This is not Scalia's "opinion"; it is a statement of fact.

The Constitution is a written document, available for all to read. It's not a "living document," one subject to judicial whims. Also, it's not some figment of Barack Obama's addled imagination.

Abortion is therefore one of those issues covered by the Tenth Amendment. That means it is up to states and individuals in each state. Neither Congress nor the Court has the right -- the authority -- to usurp power belonging to the states and their citizens.

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