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William Russell for Congress

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Johnstown, PA – November 2, 2007: Congressional candidate William Russell said, “The time has come to for Congressman Murtha to publicly apologize to Justin Sharratt, the other Haditha Marines, their families, and every single serving Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Airman (and their families) who has served in or is currently serving in the Middle East”.

“At the very least, he must acknowledge that he has slandered the bravest of our young citizens and increased their risks of death and injury as they confront the evil that is Islamic Radicalism”. “He has provided aid and comfort to an enemy that is seeking to impose its version of totalitarian Sharia law on all of the Middle East, as well as Europe and the United States”. “He has undermined the efforts of the United States to stabilize Iraq”.

For those not familiar with him, US Marine Lance Corporal (L/CPL) Justin Sharratt, from Cannonsburg, PA, is an American Hero. On 19 November 2005 at a town called Haditha, Justin’s convoy was attacked. The explosion of an improvised explosive device (IED) killed his friend and squad mate L/CPL Miguel Terrazas. This ambush included not only the bomb but also sniping and rifle fire at the Marines as they secured and evacuated the wounded out of the vehicle in which L/CPL Terrazas had been killed.

L/CPL Sharratt assisted in the security, recovery and offensive efforts to capture or kill the enemy combatants who initiated the complex ambush. When he moved into a building with some of his squad mates, L/CPL found himself in a close fight with four armed insurgents. When his machinegun jammed, he was forced to engage them with his 9mm pistol. Congressman Murtha not only accused him, but stated repeatedly as fact that Justin and his comrades committed “cold-blooded murder” of innocent civilians.

“Justin and the other members of his unit were facing an enemy who fights by a different set of rules in which there is no such thing as atrocities when committed for their cause.” “This enemy hides behind civilians in order to protect themselves and to create propaganda opportunities by accusing Americans of atrocities when innocents are caught in the crossfire, “Russell said. “ The enemy does this because they are seeking to create My Lai type incidents for propaganda use on the Arab street as well as the anti-war movement in the US. Innocents were caught in the cross fire in the heat of combat that day”. “But those who were identified were safe guarded and protected by the Marines”.

“By publicly stating that the US Marines committed murder and denying that there was a firefight and roadside bomb (specifically, the bomb which killed L/CPL Terrazas), Congressman John Murtha endorsed the enemy’s propaganda effort and confirmed in the minds of millions of Arabs, as well as many Americans, that US Marines had committed atrocities against Arab civilians as an extension of US Policy.

”By making such inflammatory statements of guilt against the bravest of Americans when the investigation had just, Congressman Murtha not only denied the Marines the rights that he and his colleagues so adamantly want to bestow on the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, he helped the enemy fabricate a lie which has done more damage to our efforts in this war than any other politician,” Russell said.

“The lie Mr. Murtha helped the terrorists create has been repeated by Al Qaida and other terrorists organizations for recruiting purposes throughout the Arab World.” “It has also been repeated by Code Pink, KOS,, and other anti-war elements in their effort to undermine the US efforts in the Middle East”.

Congressional candidate William Russell said, “Mr. Murtha should apologize not only to Justin Sharratt and his family, but to all of the Marines whose lives and professional service has been dragged through the mud because of his accusations and to every single Service Man and Woman and their families for placing them at greater risk by encouraging the enemy to attack them and placing that inkling of doubt in their minds that may lead them to hesitate when engaging the enemy”.

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