Thursday, November 29, 2007


NOTE: "COMEDY CENTRAL" IS IN THE PRECEDING COLUMN. YOU CAN ALSO FIND HUMOR AT MY OTHER BLOG. As you'll notice on the sidebar to the right there are now many "Bloggers 4 Russell" in his campaign against John Murtha. By the end of December, 2007, we'd like to have at least 60 Bloggers for Russell -- and by Election Day, 2008, we hope to have 500 or more.

If you'd like to join up -- and my friends from Queensland, Australia; Las Vegas, Juneau, Alaska; and other places around the world are welcome -- you should leave a message on the comments (below). Alternatively, you can e-mail me at: If you don't have a blog, well, join anyway by providing your e-mail address.

Anyone interested in offering contributions or volunteer efforts to Lt. Col. Russell should visit his site at: Now is the time for all good men and women to come the aid of their country's best hope to defeat John Murtha. Take the plunge!

And if you're in need of some comic relief see the "humor moments" in the column below and the other one at: Enjoy -- and God bless.

Thanks to Snooper of A Newt One for joining the Bloggers 4 Russell. Right now, we have about three-dozen such bloggers, and we're on way to getting as many as 500. These are people who strongly support Lt. Col. Russell in his nationally significant race to beat John Murtha.

In mid-December, we're going to have a "Blogger Burst," a national effort by bloggers to enhance name recognition, raise funds, and sharply increase the number of supporters for William.

An important web site has joined the group supporting Russell. It's the Band of Mothers headed by Beverly Perlson, and it consists of mothers of American soldiers. I urge you to visit the "Band" site and participate in their noble activities.

William's "secret weapon" in this campaign isn't really a secret. It relies mainly on YOU, bloggers and those who visit blogs.

By October of 2008, the Russell-Murtha campaign will be one that amazes the world. The pundits and pollsters will start telling us that the race is "too close to call." Murtha will start handing out to voters some of the millions of dollars he basically extorts from lobbyists.

(Go to, put in the name "John Murtha," and check out who's contributing to him. You'll find they's mainly lobbyists and companies Murtha had paid off with your tax dollars. In 2008, Murtha will raise about $4 million, a truly obscene figure. Hint: not one of those dollars will come from people interested in "good government." They're merely payoffs for federal dollars.)

However, in November, 2008, the Russell Campaign's superior organization will carry the day. You're an essential part of that organization. We need your help. "Embrace the Future," and do so today.


Snooper said...

A Newt One will stand with you.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Snooper, I've got anewtone up and listed. God bless and have a great weekend. This has been a very, very good day for the campaign.

steve maloney