Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How is John Murtha Like a Pig Farm?

. . . Because he continually exudes the stench (of corruption).

I'm continuing this week to work on my blog to make it better and more accessible to visitors. Bear with me . . . I'll be writing later today on how Republican candidate -- particularly William Russell (12th CD) and Melissa Hart (4th CD) -- can sell conservative economic principles to Pennsylvania voters. Congratulations to my friend Diana Lynn Irey (who ran against Murtha in 2006) for beint re-elected -- and decisively so -- as Washington County (PA) Commissioner. She "exceeded" expectations by getting more than 20,000 votes, the most ever garnered by a Republican candidate in Washington County. She's a lady with a bright future. As for Gov. Sarah Palin, I'll be writing more about her, starting this weekend. Sarah is a model for GOP candidates.

(More to Come later today -- Wednesday)

Scroll down to read how John Murtha is something like a pig farm . . . and how William Russell can campaign in a way that will allow him to beat Murtha , , , and how important media outlets -- including The Wall Street Journal and the Harrisburg Patriot are exposing Murtha's thuggish behavior. Also, note the piece below on why Murtha is not really a Western PA Democrat.

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