Saturday, November 3, 2007


David Wieger's family in North Huntington, PA, has a blue star on its door. Sadly, there will soon be a gold star. David, 28, has died in Iraq.David's mom, Lori Weiger, said today, "If you're against this war, don't tell me. David wanted to be there. David needed to be there."

God bless Lori and the Wieger family.

In the next several days (Sunday through Wednesday), I'll be cleaning up this blog: adding widgets, cleaning up the links, and generally making it a more effective, attractive site. I want this blog to be extremely successful at attracting visitors. One friend of mine, Cindy at ThePinkFlamingo on Blogharbor is getting 5,000-plus hits per day, so I have a way to go!

Any advice on improvements will be received with gratitude.

In the past week, I've either written or borrowed a half-dozen pieces on William "Trower" Russell, who's running hard against John Murtha in PA's 12th Congressional District. I believe I know how to defeat Murtha -- the best way to start is with a wonderful candidate like Russell -- and I'm sharing them as I go along.

I will blog from time-to-time (at least once a week and eventually more than that) at another site where I'm a contributor: Another contributor there is Mr. Sharratt, father of Justin, who's one of the Marines falsely and maliciously (by Murtha) charged in the Haditha event. John Murtha called the Marines there "cold-blooded killers," a statement he made to curry favor from far-left Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi.

For people who want to help William Russell, the best thing you can do is to visit his web site: and do the following: (1) make a small contribution; (2) volunteer in any other way you can to assist in the campaign. As you'll read below, Murtha regularly sells his votes to the highest bidders, and he thus raises million for his campaigns. It will take a dedicated, national effort to overcome him. That kind of effort is very much underway.

My efforts to get Sarah Palin elected as America's first female President will continue. I'll also be support the campaigns of Melissa Hart for Congress in PA's 4th District (where I live) and Heather Wilson for the U.S. Senate in New Mexico. I'll be adding some other candidates within the next two months. Please make recommendations if you have a favorite candidate who's scrupulously honest and deeply patriotic. Because John McCain fits that definition, I'm adding some material for him.

One of "my" candidates, Bobby Jindal, has already won the governorship of Louisiana. Congratulations to Bobby!

Thanks to all who have visited this site. Keep coming back, and leave your comments when you wish.


None said...

David Wieger's family will be in my prayers!!

Thankyou for your sacrifice David.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Thanks for your commendation of David Wieger. I support our troops totally and I support their mission, but a little part of us dies with the demise of all those who have given their lives.

steve maloney