Tuesday, November 13, 2007

American Veterans: William Russell's (and Heather Wilson's) Armies of Supporters

In a week devoted to America's veterans, let's not forget Air Force Academy graduate Heather Wilson, who's running for the U.S. Senate in New Mexico -- possibly against Gov. Bill Richardson. You can support Heather, the first female veteran ever elected to Congress, by going to her web site: http://heatherforsenate.com/. If you can contribute as little as $25.00, that would help her campaign get off to a running start. Heather is one of the "selected" candidates on this web site, along with William Trower Russell (PA, opposing John Murtha), Melissa Hart (PA, opposing Jason Altmire), Jean Schmidt (Ohio, the congresswoman who called Murtha a "coward" -- and correctly so), and Sarah Palin (Alaska Governor, a candidate for the vice-presidential nomination and ultimately for the presidency). In the case of Heather, she's an American Warrior with a great national future, and so the Democrats pour money into campaigns trying to defeat her. They've failed so far.

Stay tuned for the $9.11 and $20.01 (9/11/2001) efforts to raise William enough money to beat Murtha. If you want to 'jump the gun" and contribute now, you can do so here.

The vast majority of Americans "support our troops." One of the best ways to support our fighting men and women is to vote for candidates who have served in Iraq and who understand the threats posed by Islamic fascists. You can get a good sense of what's going on in Iraq by reading Michael Yon's blog and by going to the site of William Russell. He needs your support, including your contributions, so he can mount an effective, winning campaign against John Murtha, someone who doesn't support our troops and thus has no right to be in Congress.

In addition to making financial contributions, large or small, you can help William by asking people in the 12th Congressional District of Pennsylvania (Johnstown, Monongahela, Washington, and Greene County) to support him. In so doing, please emphasize how William's programs strengthen national security and emphasize real economic development, rather than government handouts and make work projects.

In the US currently, there are 25 million veterans, including William Russell and his campaign manager, Larry Stiles, a former Marine. If only 1% -- 250,000 -- of American veterans were to contribute an average of $10 to the Russell effort, he would have more than enough money to wage a winning campaign. Please go to his web site and make a donation now!

John Murtha, in his condemnations of the Haditha Marines, has basically accused American military personnel of war crimes. You can find the real story of the Marines -- and their heroism at Haditha -- by going to this news story.

Please remember that when you are making your choice for Congress. Murtha's deal-making and demagoguery make him unfit to serve. If you want to learn more about Murtha, go the web site specifically dedicated to his defeat. Enough is enough!

If you want to find out what groups are pouring money into Murtha's campaign, go to Open Secrets, which contains that information. Then, call up these companies and tell them what you think about their cynical misuse of tax dollars. It's just not right for them to get hundreds of millions in your tax money and then use a chunk of it to finance someone with the poor character of John Murtha. Don't let them get away with it.

Note: Scroll down for revealing photos from Iraq and columns on what William Russell stands for and how he can win. Your comments are always welcome. In the previous columns, you can read William's stirring message of thanks and admiration for Viet Nam veterans.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding work Mr. Maloney !

John Murtha is disgraceful.

Let's keep up the good fight.

Well done.

Best wishes...

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Thanks very much HillaryNeedaVacation. The work done by people like you will pay dividends over time. As you'll see in today's column, Murtha's behavior is disgraceful, un-American, and harmful to soldiers in the field. As I say, I hope William Russell rubs Murtha's nose in 9/11 and the War on Terror.

steve maloney