Sunday, November 4, 2007


Tomorrow (Monday): I'll be writing on some of the reasons why John Murtha is so difficult to defeat -- and why I think it can be done in next year's election. Please visit Lt. Col. William Russell's web site and see how you can help. You can find him at: If you can find your way to contributing $25, $50, or more, that will be helpful in this very important national effort.

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. .....Albert Einstein




I urge all readers of this blog to visit, a site with several contributors, including yours truly. "MurthaMustGo" has been around since 2006, and it's totally committed to removing John Murtha as the congressman from Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District (in the area South and East of Pittsburgh, PA).

The founder of MurthaMustGo is Leo Pusateri, an intense, outspoken patriot.

Here's what he says about Murtha: "As a parent of a deployed Iraqi Freedom soldier, this blog is dedicated to ousting Congressman John Murtha from Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District. Like Benedict Arnold, who was a soldier during the Revolutionary War, Congressman Murtha is a traitor, giving aid and comfort to the enemy during wartime through his irresponsible, shameless rhetoric. He no longer deserves the title of a U.S. Marine."

Tongue-in-cheek, I'd add: "Leo, tell us how you REALLY feel about John Murtha."

In fact, Leo's comments are right on target. Direct, verbal confrontation of Murtha is absolutely essential to getting the attention of traditional Murtha voters in the 12th. People who justify supporting Murtha on the grounds that he "brings home the bacon" ignore the damage he does to U.S. soldiers and the country. Through his irresponsible comments, Murtha encourages the exact kind of terrorists who killed nearly 3,000 people on 9/11 -- and have killed approximately 4,000 fighting men and fighting women.

Frankly, anyone that supports Murtha with cash or votes is engaging in a despicable act. They're indicating that they can be bought.

All decent people in the 12th District will cast their votes -- and provide campaign contributions -- to William Russell, whose site is:

Here's the link to Leo Pusateri's other blog: If you want honest, hard-hitting commentary, bookmark his blog and visit frequently.


Sanity102 said...

Hey Steve,

I've just written a post in my blog endorcing Rudy...I know you did a while ago but it's taken me a bit. Go and read it to learn why.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Sanity writes one of the better blogs at and her piece on Giuliani is a good one. I commented at some length on her post. I have endorsed Rudy Giuliani. I also have tremendous regard for John McCain and establish common cause often with some of his strongest supporters. I told Sanity that I believed Rudy would make a very good President, especially in protecting the United States. I added that I believe, when her time comes, Sarah Palin will make a great President.