Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Heroes Who Will Change America: "The Revolt of the Nodders"

Tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 24, I'll be on Political Pistachio Internet radio three friends, moderator Douglas Gibbs, Alaskan political operative an analyst Trish Houser, and Colorado political organizer Adam Brickley. Here's how you can find us (at 7 p.m. Eastern):
Sarah Palin discussed on Political Pistachio
Douglas V. Gibbs
Date / Time: 11/24/2007 7:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Category: Politics/Conservative
Call-in Number: (646) 652-2940

Douglas writes, "There is a movement to convince the Republican Presidential nominee to pick Sarah Palin as the first female Vice President. Trish Houser, Adam Brickley, and Steve Maloney all join Political Pistachio to discuss this effort."

Tomorrow I'll move away for a day from my "all-William-Russell-all-the-time" and discuss Sarah Palin and why I firmly believe she can be America's first female vice-president and, eventually, first female President. I hope everybody tunes in -- and calls in.

Historically, we Republicans tend to be fairly docile figures. The "Party" (who exactly?) presents a candidate, and we nod our acceptance. The Palin Movement is part of a new effort for Republicans to have a real say in who the candidates are. Call it "The Revolt of the Nodders."


Note: Please scroll down to the column beneath this. It reveals something about the "campaign tactics" of a certain congressman.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone -- and a special salute to all the people who keep returning here. Please click on the Thanksgiving link on the sidebar. You won't be disappointed.

I'm especially thankful to candidates like William Trower Russell (Congress, 12th District, PA), Melissa Hart (Congress, 4th District), Diana Lynn Irey (Commissioner, Washington County, PA -- a winner on election day, 2007), Jean Schmidt (Congress, 2d District, Ohio), and Heather Wilson (U.S. Senate, New Mexico). These are all great candidates, and they truly deserve the support of all Americans who love their country and want people in office who will protect it.

I hope you'll click on as many of these sites for candidates and bloggers as you can.

Congressional candidate Melissa Hart's web site will be up soon. If anyone wants to contribute to her effort or offer support of any kind, please email me at I'll pass along her mailing address. If any of you want to recommend to me other candidates who are truly exemplary people, please do so.

I take a lot of strength from the many wonderful people I've met online and offline this year, including: Brad Marston, Trish Houser, Adam Brickley, Douglas Gibbs, "Mrs. Pistachio," Malia Nash, Christopher Wensley, Eric Dondero, Larry Stiles, Chris Voccio, Susan Duclos, Cindy Reidhead, Bob Guzzardi, Mayor Sam, Bruce Eric Sherman, Han & Ciel, Leo Pusateri, Dr. Bill Smith, Chip Wood, Drs. Kathleen Osten, Donna Craig, and Michael Karp, James H., Sandra Wise, Jerry Bowyers, Peg from Johnstown, Marine J.J. Rodriguez and his dad, Melanie at City View, Paul Kengor, Tim Sumner, Craig Minnick, Wil Keepers, and many others -- including those I know only by their screen names, such as HillaryNeedsaVacation and genxdad. Those of you with blogs who don't have your names linked yet will be tomorrow.

In my efforts on behalf of William Trower Russell's campaign, I'm making a lot of new friends. I have one regular reader from Queensland, Australia, a very fine man who keeps me up to date on Aussie politics. I've had visitors from all 50 states (including of course Malia's Hawaii and Sarah Palin's Alaska. When I get a visitor from Sarah Palin's hometown of Wasilla, as I often do, I always say, "Gee, Sarah, leave a comment and say hi."

To my Republican and conservative friends: let's continue working together. As Benjamin Franklin put it at the Constitutional Convention: "Let us all hang together, or more assuredly we will all hang separately."

The people I'm referring to in this piece are the ones who will change America, make a great country even better. If you do one political good deed this Thanksgiving week, please go to William Trower Russell's site and make a contribution of $25 or $50. If you can give more, please do so. Trower is a fine and decent person, an American Warrior, but he needs your help to win this nationally important race.

We can't outspend Murtha, but we can -- and will -- outsmart him.

P.S. I also have several readers from Washington, DC, some of whom are in John Murtha's office. For them, I always hold out the possibility both of conversion and salvation, politically speaking of course.

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