Monday, November 5, 2007


Tomorrow's (Tuesday's) column will deal with the mixed blessing (to say the least) of John Murtha's "earmarks" (government handouts) for his congressional district -- and why the Congressman's home town of Johnstown, PA ought to envy tiny Blue Springs, Mississippi, the location for global giant Toyota's newest assembly plant. (Hint: Don't look for a Toyota plant to sprout anytime soon in Johnstown.)

I notice the following column is getting a lot of readers from Washington, DC. If any of them are associated with John Murtha, I have two pieces of advice, the first for them, the second for him: (1) to staffers, for goodness sake get a real job;! (2) to the Congressman, "If you can't take the heat, stay out of the House." On the other hand, let me welcome the numerous visitors from Manchester, NH, whom I believe are associated with the McCain and Giuliani campaigns. (Scroll down to see Sunday's column about those two Republican frontrunners.)

"The tree of liberty is nurtured with the blood of the patriots."

"Let every nation know, whether friend or foe, that we shall bear any burden, pay any price, to ensure the survival of liberty." (John F. Kennedy, a REAL Democrat, in his Inaugural Address)

"The hand that held the dagger has plunged it into the back of its neighbor." (FDR, speaking about Italy's declaration of war on France)

A key to Lt. Col. William Trower Russell's defeating Jack Murtha in PA's 12th congressional district lies with the unlikeliest of sources: the small segment of extreme left-wing Democrats.

In a recent column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, national security writer (and conservative) Jack Kelly described these extremists as "those 19 percent of Democrats who said in a recent poll that the world would be better off if the United States loses in Iraq. . . ." (You can find that column at

To win in the 12th, William Russell is going to need the support of a lot of registered Democrats. Specifically, he must win the hearts and minds of roughly 20,000 Democrats.

Yes, he probably won't get any from the 19% who yearn for a U.S. defeat in Iraq. But who needs them? Who would even want them?

But what about the other 81% of Democrats who'd be either happy -- or even downright elated -- by a U.S. victory? If William can get one-third or more of their votes, then next November he'll be congressman-elect from Pennsylvania.

How can he win them over?

One way is to keep talking about the 19%, the small minority, and then tie Murtha to that group like a can to an alley cat's tail. He has to say, "Yes, John Murtha is a registered Democrat, but he's NOT ONE OF YOU. He's put himself in bed with a fringe element of radicals that have nothing in common with the Democrats of Pennsylvania or the 12th District."

Quote JFK in your speeches, William. Then ask them if Jack Murtha has anything in common with the fallen President. Ask them if he hasn't plunged FDR's "dagger" into the back of our soldiers.

Ask audiences if the Murtha of the Haditha slander has anything in common with JFK -- or with FDR -- or with Harry Truman? Those great Democrats would have nothing to do with "The Prince of Pork" swilling away at his trough and defaming his betters.

Murtha's condemnation of the "Haditha Marines" (one of whom, Justin Sharratt, is from the 12th District) is absolutely disgraceful. In calling them "cold-blooded" killers, Murtha was lying about their actions and about the men themselves. He was pandering to America-haters, foreign and domestic.

Yes, John Murtha "brings home the bacon" in his efforts to buy votes. But by emboldening the enemy, he ensures that other Americans -- fathers and mothers, husbands and wives -- bring home caskets containing American soldiers. (Scroll down to acquaint yourself with one of those soldiers from the Wieger family.)

Murtha claimed he made his Haditha statements after he was "briefed" by a Marine officer (Gen. Hagee). However, as NewsMax and other outlets have poined out, Murtha made the statement well before he met with the General. In short, the Congressman made it up. Why?

He vilified the Marines for one reason: so that he could curry favor with Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leftists (the 19-percent crowd). He wanted to become Democratic Majority Leader (fat chance!), so he sold out his Marine brethren for the votes of Left-wing Democrats.

In so doing, he become the most EX of ex-Marines, one who defaulted on his obligations to be courageous and truthful.

William Russell should talk regularly about Murtha's "19-percenters," the fringe element of Democrats who root for the enemy in Iraq. He should point out how western Pennsylvanians have nothing in common with that leftist fringe group that Murtha solicited.

As he links Murtha to the 19%, Russell can bring in thousands of Democrats -- tens of thousands -- who are decent, hard-working, and patriotic. He can isolate Murtha among the tiny radical element of his Party.

William, this election is winnable. If you expose Murtha for exactly who he is, voters will flock to you.

When the decent Democrats find out you're one of them, they'll reject Murtha like a rotten piece of meat. "Democrats for Russell" has a nice ring to it. Concede him the 19% -- and you bring home the 81%.

Note: To assist William's campaign, please go to his web site:

Note 2: I have added another candidate to the small group I'm focusing on: Jeannette Marie "Jean" Hoffman Schmidt (born November 29, 1951) is a member of the United States Congress. A Republican, she represents Ohio's 2nd congressional district, stretching from eastern Cincinnati to Portsmouth


Christopher said...

I'd like to hear you talk about the ethical violations (just this past year aganist Rep. Mike Rogers from my home state) and illegal campaign contributions (some years back). I'd be interested in your take.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Christopher, I'll do some research on Mike Rogers. Some of my fellow conservatives don't like to admit it, but there are some serious problems with the campaign contribution system. Some "contributions" are nothing more than give-backs from organizations that have benefitted from "earmarks" provided by some corrupt elected officials, including John Murtha.