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Friday a.m. I'll write about the Russell Meeting in Jamestown (held Thursday night). I've been writing a lot about how William, although a big underdog, can win. In the meantime, I invite your to enjoy the following two-part piece, one of which features the campaign contributions Murtha bought with federal dollars.

This should be a Very Big Week for Campaign2008VictoryA. I'm going to: (1) ask my fellow conservatives to contribute a specific amount to William Russell's campaign against John Murtha; (2) call for everyone who believes in good government to boycott the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), the largest health care "provider" in Pennsylvania; and (3) write about the important meeting in Jamestown, PA, that will bring together many of the key supporters of Lt. Col. Russell.

As many of you know, Russell is a veteran of Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and the Balkans Conflict. He has a chest-full of medals to prove it. What many people don't know is that William and his wife, Kasia, were BOTH in the Pentagon when the plane hijacked by Islamic terrorists crashed into the building. William and his spouse both lived to fight another day, and they both learned much about the ruthlessness of the enemy we face.

What I'll be proposing to hundreds of people on the Internet is that they make contributions to Russell of one of two sums: $9.11 or $20.01. Combined the numbers add up to 9/11/2001. You can beat the rush by contributing either sum at William's web site. I'm going to contribute both amounts, and I hope you'll do so also.

Admittedly, I've heard one point-of-view that this might be a bad idea. The reason is some Democrats will accuse William of trying to "exploit" 9/11, although this isn't William's idea, but rather mine. In William's case, he fought in Iraq during Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. He has no apologies to make to anyone for invoking any aspect of the War Against Terrorism -- or any act related to it. He's a Warrior -- and someone like John Murtha is NOT.

The reason some liberals criticize, say, a Rudy Giuiliani for referring to 9/11 is that his exemplary behavior in that event (as "America's Mayor") is one of his strongest selling points. If it wasn't such a strong point in his character and record, liberals would his mention of 9/11.

The response of most Republicans, including Giuliani and George W. Bush, to 9/11 is one of the shining moments in the nation's history. The response of most Democrats, although not someone like Joe Lieberman, has been a monument to confusion and political cynicism.

No wonder they don't want Republicans to talk about it!

I'll also be asking everyone in the Greater Pittsburgh Area (including Allegheny County and surrounding areas) to boycott UPMC. Why? Party because it contributed more than $110,000 to John Murtha's last campaign, an obscene amount. Presumably, it's planning to do the same in 2008, but it won't do so with impunity. In 2006, the money for Murtha came from UPMC's Political Action Committee, as well as from wealthy administrators

You can see the companies that financed Murtha's last campaign by going to, typing in the name "Murtha" and looking up details on his "top contributors." It's not a pretty sight.

Why does UPMC shower money on Murtha? Because he has "earmarked" directed hundreds of millions of dollars to the heath system. Did he do so to keep UPMC afloat? Hardly! In the last fiscal year this supposed "nonprofit" organization declared a "surplus" (i.e., profit) of $480 million.

If you'll look at Murtha's top contributors, you'll find one after another who has been the recipient of untold millions in federal dollars. The way the system works is this: Murtha earmarks them with tens of millions -- or more -- and they provide him tens of thousands in campaign contributions -- or more. It's a profoundly dirty system, but it's the way John Murtha "does business."

In the case of UPMC, it clearly didn't need YOUR tax dollars channeled by Murtha to the company. It could easily afford to make its own investments, without going into your pocket. The head of UPMC, a being named Jeffrey Romoff, is compensated at a rate of more than $3 million per year. Perhaps he might fund a few projects out of the goodness of his heart, but no one is really holding their breath for that to happen.

If you want to do some research on your own about why UPMC adores John Murtha, go to Google and inserr the following terms: "Murtha" + "Windber."

Companies that engage in what are nothing more than payoffs should expect to be penalized. The Boycott UPMC effort will be an ongoing one -- a lesson in good government for a company that sorely needs it.

Finally, I'll be writing on Friday about the important meeting in Johnstown, PA. If you'd like to attend that meeting (6 p.m. dinner, 7:15 meeting), please e-mail me at:


Afterthought: Personally, I hope Lt. Col. Russell rubs John Murtha's nose in 9/11. Murtha had been in Congress for more than 30 years on 9/11. What exactly did he do, from his position of great influence, to prevent that terrible event from happening? Also, what has he done to help ensure a U.S. victory in Iraq? Nothing. Many people have been writing to me saying that Murtha "has blood on his hands," and I can't disagree.

William may -- or may not -- win against "The Prince of Pork," but at the very least he will make clear to the voters of the 12th District exactly who John Murtha is, a man who seeks political advancement by climbing on the backs of American fighting men and fighting women.


From 2001-2007 Murtha extracted Defense-related (supposedly) earmarks of $63,300,000. His campaign contributions from earmark recipients were $1,669.775 million. The following are the contributions Murtha received from companies that were the beneficiaries of his earmarks. Many of the earmarks went for projects not approved by the military, including one for $1.8 milion to UPMC. Donations from UPMC-related entities below include those from Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh and Windber Medical (at bottom). Note that many of these campaign "contributions" as payments for earmarks came from some of the world's biggest and most profitable PRIVATE companies, such as United Technologies. Others came from institutions nowhere near Pennsylvania, including Mass General Hospital/Harvard in Boston. Apparently, these relfect earmarks designed to get Murtha votes in his failed campaign to become Democratic majority leader. Figures gathered by Seattle Times.

1st Century Systems Inc. $9,050

Acacia Research Corp. (HQ) $1,000

Advanced Acoustic Concepts Inc. (HQ) $54,000

Allegheny Technologies Inc. (HQ) $10,500

Alung Technologies Inc. $1,000

American Superconductor Corp. $400

Analytical Graphics Inc. $21,300

Argon St Inc. (HQ) $18,000

Armor Holdings Inc. $3,000

Aspen Aerogels Inc. (HQ) $2,000

Aurora Flight Sciences Corp. (HQ) $4,000

Avant Immunotherapeutics Inc. (HQ) $3,000

Bacharach Inc. $6,000

BAE Systems plc (HQ) $34,500

Battelle Memorial Institute Inc. (HQ) $4,600

Boeing Co. (HQ) $39,150

CACI International Inc. (HQ) $1,000

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh $172,900

Coherent Inc. (HQ) $3,800

Coherent Systems International Corp. (HQ) $20,000

Concurrent Technologies Corp. (HQ) $70,475

Cubic Corp. (HQ) $19,500

Curtiss-Wright Corp. (HQ) $1,000

Daimlerchrysler NA Holding Co. (HQ) $12,500

Day & Zimmermann Group Inc. (HQ) $39,500

Deere & Company (HQ) $1,000

DRS Technologies Inc. (HQ) $138,350

Ducommun Inc. (HQ) $1,000

Edmund Optics Inc. (HQ) $4,000

EDO Corp. (HQ) $21,500

EFJ Inc. (HQ) $7,500

Electronic Warfare Associates Inc. (HQ) $25,000

FLIR Systems Inc. (HQ) $7,100

FMC Technologies Inc. (HQ) $7,000

General Atomics (HQ) $44,900

General Dynamics Corp. (HQ) $63,100

General Electric Co. (HQ) $23,000

General Motors Corp. (HQ) $1,000

Goodrich Corp. (HQ) $8,500

Honeywell International Inc. (HQ) $10,000

II-VI Inc. $1,000

Information Manufacturing Corp. $25,500

ISPA Technology $5,000

ITT Corp. (HQ) $8,000

Kaman Corp. (HQ) $2,000

Kennametal Inc. (HQ) $27,250

KLA-Tencor Corp. $12,600

L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. (HQ) $26,400

Lockheed Martin Corp. (HQ) $74,050

Mafco Holdings Inc. (HQ) $2,500

Malden Mills Industries Inc. (HQ) $1,500

Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard $34,050

Material Systems Inc. $3,250

Medico Industries Inc. $1,000

Mobilvox Inc. (HQ) $20,500

MSE Technology Applications Inc. $750

Nammo AS (HQ) $6,500

Navistar International Corp. (HQ) $2,500

Navmar Applied Sciences Corp. $1,000

Nokomis Inc. $4,700

Northrop Grumman Corp. (HQ) $31,000

Omnitech Partners Inc. (HQ) $4,000

Penn State Electro Optics Center $750

Piasecki Aircraft Corp. $8,000

Pittsburgh Electric Engines Inc. $1,000

PPG Industries Inc. (HQ) $10,150

Premier MicroNutrient Corp. $1,000

Progeny Systems Corp. (HQ) $41,000

Prologic Inc. (HQ) $36,600

QinetiQ Group PLC (HQ) $72,600

QTL Biosystems LLC $1,000

Quintech Electronics & Communications Inc $1,000

Radant Technologies Inc. $10,200

Radiance Technologies Inc. (HQ) $1,000

RAPT Industries $1,500

Raytheon Co. (HQ) $31,500

RJ Lee Group Inc. $5,500

Rockwell Collins Inc. (HQ) $3,000

Rolls-Royce PLC (HQ) $7,000

Royal Philips Electronics (HQ) $3,000

RTI International Metals Inc. (HQ) $8,000

Sabeus Inc. (HQ) $2,000

Sage Systems Technologies LLC $2,000

Schepens Eye Research Institute Inc $5,300

Science Applications International Corp. (HQ) $43,800

Shumar's Welding & Machine Service Inc. $7,000

Sierra Nevada Corp. (HQ) $18,500

SRA International Inc. (HQ) $13,550

Teledyne Technologies Inc. (HQ) $4,500

Textron Inc. (HQ) $33,000

Timken Co. $10,000

Trident Systems Inc. $18,000

Triton Systems Inc. (HQ) $4,000

United Technologies Corp. (HQ) $28,250

Windber Research Institute $25,900

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