Tuesday, December 11, 2007

YOUR Thoughts on Russell's Campaign

Note: This blog is different from most others. They generally offer tidbits of political gossip (gleaned from CNN) -- or poll data that will be out-of-date within a week. The emphasis here is on HOW -- on how candidates in tough races can raise enough money and build enough support to win. Politics is not about idelogical preening. It's about taking practical elections that lead to celebrations on Election Eve. If you don't win elections, your complaints and suggestions will fall on deaf ears.

YOUR Thoughts on Russell's Campaign
One of the great things about the campaign of Lt. Col. William Russell against John Murtha is Russell’s willingness to be creative – to “think outside of the boss.” Also, the campaign is very willing to consider ideas from voters, both those in the 12th Congressional District and outside it.
All the campaigns I’ve endorsed (see the names above) will be uphill battles. It will be difficult to prevail in them, but at the same time, all of them could be winnable with excellent political tactics. I’m asking all bloggers and their visitors to put on their thinking caps. When I get ideas from you I’ll pass them along to the candidates.

I’m starting with the Russell Campaign, and these are the questions I’d like you to reflect on. You can leave the comments on this site or e-mail me at TalkTop65@aol.com. Here are some key questions:

First, how would you suggest Russell go about raising significant amounts of money given Murtha’s penchant for seeking revenge against those in his District who support his opponents?
Second, Since most people don’t contribute to campaigns is there an approach that will change that fact?
Third, what issues – three at the most – would you suggest Russell emphasize in his campaign?Fourth, how would you go about attracting conservative Democrats, a huge group in the 12th District, to vote for Russell? (There are twice as many registered Democrats in the District as Republicans.)
Fifth, what are the best ways for Russell to communicate with voters: face-to-face (hard because of the size of the district)? Television? Radio? Bumper stickers? Buttons and Tee-shirts? Yard signs? If all of them, which would you stress?
Sixth, to what degree would you emphasize by name the lobbyists and other special interests currently pouring money into the Murtha campaign?
Seventh, would you discuss Murtha’s close links with Nancy Pelosi and other far-left Democrats?
Eighth, are either Murtha’s advanced age (75) or his 34-year-reign in Congress significant issues?
Ninth, what’s the best use Russell can make of the many bloggers from around the country who are advocating his candidacy?
Tenth, how much should Russell make of the fact that Murtha will refuse to debate (almost a certainty).

I hope everyone who visits this site – or for that matter, your own site – will speak out on one, two, or more of these questions. They’re all very real for William Russell and his supporters, and the answers are not always completely clear. Please help out. It doesn’t matter where you’re located. Remember, my e-mail address is: TalkTop65@aol.com. I'll tell you the results soon.

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