Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Vice-President Sarah Heath Palin!

Save a place for Sarah, please . . .

Vice-President Sarah Heath Palin!
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's inexorable journey to the vice-presidency of the U.S. -- and ultimately to the Presidency -- continues. Adam Brickley, founder of the Draft Palin Movement, sent the following message today:

Hello Palin fans,In yet another big media development, the Draft Palin Movement was mentioned (and linked) this morning in a Associated Press story by Steve Quinn. The story just hit the front page of Yahoo! News' "U.S. News" section, and has also been added by a number of news outlets, the most prominent (so far) being FoxNews .com, TheNew York Times,

The story details Palin's meteoric rise, and includes quotes from Claremont McKenna University professor John J. Pitney pegging her as a VP candidate. Folks, we have just broken another glass ceiling by getting national-level mainstream media coverage!

(Adam Brickley)

Take a bow, Adam -- and all the others (like Trish Houser of Alaska) associated with this great movement. In my own blog's support for military people (including Gov. Palin's son, Track), veterans, and their families, Gov. Sarah Palin, a Blue Star mom, occupies a special place in my heart. Is she a "female Reagan?" No, she's better.

I strongly urge Sarah -- the nation's most popular elected official -- to come to PA and other states and campaign for strongly pro-military candidates, including William T. Russell (12th Congressional District) and Melissa A. Hart (4th Congressional District).

I look at the faces on Mt. Rushmore and I hope I live long enough to see two new figures added: Ronald Wilson Reagan and Sarah Heath Palin.

Note: Sarah has also been endorsed for the Republican nomination for Vice President by Emily Zanotti of The American Princess, Pulitzer Prize nominee Les Kinsolving of WorldNetDaily, Mayor Sam of California's Second City Blog, Cindy at ThePinkFlamingo, and many, many others.
And more good news for Sarah Palin . . .
This week, we picked up and endorsement from Charleston Daily Mail coulmist Don Surber. which caught the attention of Instapundit, resulting in over 2,000 hits in one day! (shattering our previous record.)

Then, we found out that Gov. Palin will beappearing in the February issue of Vogue. This means that Sarah Palin will literally be staring thousands (if not millions) of women in the face right as the primaries end and VP speculation heats up.
If you'd like to vote in an online poll for Sarah Palin, click on the following link: ....this one does.


Alaskan Resident said...

Why do you want a tax and spend liberal as VP? She is growing state government in Alaska at an alarming rate.

She recently signed the largest tax increase ever on the industry that pays 85% of the state's budget.

Palin signed House Bill 2001 (aka ACES) into law Dec. 19, 2007. ACES raises the base tax rate on oil production from 22.5 percent to 25 percent; it also includes a 0.4 percent surcharge for each dollar the price of oil rises above $52 per barrel and is expected to bring in an additional $1.5 billion in revenue next year.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Dear Alaska Resident: I believe you have Gov. Palin mixed up with someone else in another state. Sarah Palin line-item-vetoed more than $1 billion in legislature-proposed capital spending, mainly on the grounds that the items proposed were "not a state function." Perhaps you missed that?

According to the Alaska state constitution (which you really should read someday) the resources of the state are to be used for the benefit of the citizenry. Oil companies have taken a hundred billion in profits out of the North Slope efforts, and a small, very justified increase on taxes is not going to hurt them.

Not all taxes are bad. Not all state spending is bad. Most people with at least half-a-brain are aware of such things.

steve maloney

steve maloney

An Alaskan said...

Well, anything you can do to take her off our hands would sincerely be appreciated. We don't need a government growing liberal running our state.


Fiona Facts said...

In 2007, Palin proposed to much fanfare cutting the operating budget $150 million by finding efficiencies. They found none and cut nothing. Instead the governor signed the highest operating budget in history.

Anonymous said...

Hurry up and get her out of Alaska! She's raising state spending by 27%.

Ben said...

I was against her being VP at first but I have started to warm to the idea.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Ben, you are not alone. Thanks for visiting.