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Note: On my other column (in the second half) today I'm going to start writing about the 12th Congressional District of PA -- what's it like and what real opportunities exist for William Russell.

John Murtha with his fingers arranged in a such a way that he must be addressing a Republican member of the House.


How much money will John Murtha spend in this election cycle? Apparently, he will spend approximately $4 million. That's an obscene sum, much more per voter than Hillary Clinton spent in her big bucks Senate "race" in 2006. Murtha's contributions will come mainly from lobbyists in MD, VA, and DC. Some of them will appear to come from "captive residents" of the Johnstown and Cambria County area, but they'll really be from companies on which Murtha has showered federal money -- that is, ones he provided with YOUR tax dollars.

You may be disgusted by the fact that YOU'RE unintentionally paying for Murtha's campaign -- but trust me, he thinks it's a wonderful system.

(If you want to know how much Murtha has raised for the next election -- and who's providing the money -- go to Type in "John Murtha" and then take your trip through the "Political Ooze" that is Jack Murtha. You'll be shocked; the Founding Fathers will be turning over in their graves.)

How can Lt. Col. William Russell win -- and, trust me, he WILL win -- as he confronts a thorougly corrupt opponent? The people supporting Russell aren't doing so because he loads their wallets or purses with money. They're doing because they realize the future of their country depends on imposing on Murtha an involuntary "early retirement."

The way we will beat Jack Murtha is by outsmarting him and outworking him. We don't have any other choices.

On my other site, you will see this weekend approximately 45 "Bloggers 4 Russell." All of them are "active blogs" who get a number of visitors every week. Some of the blogs may get 30 visitors in a week. Others, like The Pink Flamingo (Cindy's site), 911 Families (Tim's site), and the band of mothers (Bev's site) get tens of thousands of visitors in a week. Michelle Malkin has one of the most popular blogs in the universe, and she's strongly supporting William.

The Blogging effort does three things. First, it creates "buzz," that is talk about Russell's candidacy by many thousands of people. Second, it attracts volunteers who will mainly seek out voters. Third, it will draw contributors to Russell's site. Right now, the contributors are critical because a campaign can't run on "air."

If you have a blog and support William Russell, you need to sign up now. You can do so by leaving a comment (with your e-mail address and/or blog link) or by e-mailing me at By the end of this year (it's still 2007, isn't it?) we should have 100-plus Bloggers 4 Russell. By next October, a month before the election, we should have more than 500 -- and perhaps as many as a thousand.

If bloggers approach the Russell-Murtha race systematically and frequently, they should attract (and include) thousands of voters in PA's 12th District. They should also attract many contributors.

Yes, we'd love to get the $2300 (or $4600) contributions that will flow into Murtha's coffers. But right now we're asking for $10, $25, and $50. We'll be overjoyed in those cases where we got larger contributions, as we have in several cases.

Some of the Bloggers 4 Russell find us. In most cases, however, we find them. They indicate in blogs and/or e-mails that they don't want John Murtha, which almost invariably means they do want William Russell.

Finding Bloggers 4 Russell isn't really as bad as looking for needles in haystacks. However, it does take time and energy.

We absolutely need people to help in this effort. We are few, and the potential online opportunities are many. But they do require some digging.

One way we find blogger-supporters is to use the Google Alert system to find out who's commenting -- usually negatively -- about John Murtha.

Here's an example of a Google Alert:

Rep. Murtha finds that surge is working and falsely claims he ...Power Line - Minneapolis,MN,USAJohn Murtha, having returned from a trip to Iraq, acknowledges that the US military surge is working. Murtha also reports that the morale of the ...See all stories on this topic

Friday's Mini-ReportThe Carpetbagger Report - USAWhen Jack Murtha was quoted yesterday saying that the "surge is working," it sparked all kinds of interest. As it turns out, that isn't what Murtha actually ...See all stories on this topic
Google Blogs Alert for: John Murtha Blogs

Murtha Backpedals from his Backpedaling on IraqBy Ferdinand T Cat Quite frankly, I don't care if the Iraqi government does everything Murtha wants. I don't even want the US government doing everything Murtha wants. In fact, I think that not listening to John Murtha is the key to making this world a ...Conservative Cat -

There are three Bloggers 4 Russell in the making, and similar alerts arrive every day. I'll be contacting the people above, asking them to reprint William's press release, and put up his web site link for supporters/contributors.

We need a lot of people working on the Bloggers effort. True, "blogs" are not the answer to all political matters. But they're one of the answers to a many-faceted challenge.

Does a blog approach work? Take a look (right-hand sidebar) at the many hundreds of bloggers supporting the presidential candidacy of Mike Huckabee. They're raising millions of dollars for "Huck." The blogs are a major reason why he has a good chance to win the Iowa primary. Very few of the blogs are from Iowas, but they have a way of crossing state lines very effectively.

If you are willing to help in our "Project Blog," please let me know -- by a comment or an e-mail. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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