Thursday, December 6, 2007

YOU Can Help Defeat Murtha

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YOU Can Help Defeat Murtha
Note: What if you're not in Jack Murtha's district? Should you care about the race there? YOU SURE SHOULD! If Lt. Col. Russell can defeat "The Prince of Pork," it would be the race-heard-round the world. It would have a tremendous -- positive -- effect in undermining al Qaida and other terrorists worldwide. It would let them know they can't play politics in the U.S.Also, the principles and tactics that will lead to Murtha's defeat will work in many other districts around the nation. Murtha is widely -- and wrongly -- perceived as a "conservative" Democrat. That view of him is dead wrong. As perhaps Nancy Pelosi's closest ally in Congress, Murtha is a critical component of the Democratic majority.

Mrs. Pelosi is opposed to nearly everything that's important to 12th District voters. If you don't like Pelosi, the worst way to express that is to vote for Murtha.A loss by Murtha will send a message to all Democratic elected officials. It would show them that can't play "fast-and-loose" with the lives of American troops, as Murtha has done with his disgraceful comments on the Haditha Marines. I've advocatedLt. Col. Russell deserves and needs your support. If you can make even a small contribution, it will be a factor in helping him defeat Murtha.

Let's just do it!

(Please scroll down to see columns about Murtha and the myths he has tried to perpetuate.)

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