Saturday, December 8, 2007

Three Issues to Defeat Murtha


I sent the following to Chris at, who just joined “Bloggers for Russell.” (Look to youir right on the blogroll to see who they are.)

Thanks very much for joining the Bloggers for Russell. On William's web site there will be a steady stream of releases and comments over the next 11 months (yikes! that's a long time).

I'll have everybody up on The Russell Bloggers -- there are about 40 now -- within the next week. Much appreciate the support.

"HotJoints" (Chris), you’re right that Murtha’s comments on Haditha were outrageous.

My suggestion -- and I'm working on the "outside" and NOT a member of the Russell Campaign Staff -- would be with Issue #1 to rub Murtha's nose in Haditha every possible opportunity. His comments were totally self-serving, designed to get support for him as Majority Leader among far-left, anti-military Democrats. For personal gain, he severely harmed brave soldiers and their families. He MUST apologize.

Another big issue is that he's done nothing for 90% of the 12th congressional district (outside his home county). As I’ve pointed out in previous columns, the Median Household Income in the 12th is one of the lowest in Pennsylvania. A major reason for this is that Murtha has relied almost exclusively on government handouts – “earmarks” – and has done nothing to stimulate the growth of private business.

Even in his favored place, Johnstown, Murtha’s actions have led to a steady population decline. The area is beautiful and the souls there are hard-working, good people, and I’m happy to live among them. There are few jobs for young people, and they have to leave to find decent employment opportunities

The third issue is that he’s done everything possible to advance Nancy Pelosi and others just as bad, which totally conflicts with his bogus image of being a "conservative" Democrat. Pelosi and her main supporters in Congress stand for everything that is anathema to voters in the 12t District. Murtha managed Pelosi’s campaign for the majority leadership and was one of the Democrats who voted for her as Speaker of the House. When the voters of the District figure out that Murtha and Pelosi are joined at the hip, they will react with revulsion.

Pelosi believes that Murtha is “a good man.” Well, he might be a good something, but he’s not a good MAN. Like his young colleague Jason Altmire, Murtha is one of the "Nancy Boys."

Is the approach I suggest “too negative?” Actually, it’s important for a congressional candidate – William T. Russell in this instance – to indicate both why he should be elected – and why his opponent should not. It is not negativity to tell the truth about Jack Murtha’s many failings, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. (Scroll down to see fact-based criticisms of Murtha.

One thing Democratic guru Joe Trippi says that I agree with is that the essence of a campaign should be on a single three-by-five card. The three issues I highlight will fit on that card. I hope the Russell Campaign focuses on basic points that emphasize exactly WHY Murtha must go.

Haditha, the Economy, and Pelosi: If Russell gets these three three points across to voters. we'll stay up very late on Election Night.

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