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Marines, Marine Families For Russell

Called "the most famous photograph in history" -- by Joe Rosenthal, AP


For All Who Love the Military

Dedicated to the following: Peter Domiano (USMC), Thomas Cartwright (USMC), Henry Ledford (USMC), James Goodrich (USMC), Larry Stiles (USMC), J. J. Rodriguez (USMC), Adam Giran (USMC), Matt Franchik (USMC), Sandy Petromalo (USA, 101st), "Beaver" Becker (USA, 101st), and Ron Gartz (USA, 82d). The ones in boldface "gave the last full measure of devotion."

Many Marines and their Marine families will be visiting here in the next several days. I'm asking them to sign up for Bloggers 4 Russell (either leave a comment here with your blog name or e-mail me at Larry Stiles (listed above) is a Viet Nam era Marine who's managing the campaign of Lt. Col. William Russell against John Murtha. With your contributions and support, William can win this race against a very corrupt and well-financed opponent. What you need to do right now is to go the Russell site by clicking on:

Then, come back here and glance through the many columns I've written on the Russell-Murtha race. Military men and women from every service are a critical constituency in this race. In the columns below, you will find an emphasis on exactly why and how Russell will prevail. Please give whatever assistance you can. And be sure to sign up as a Blogger 4 Russell! We now have more than 40 such bloggers, and we're aiming for 500. God bless you all.

(Note: Bev Paulson and her wonderful is offering great support from Russell. If you're a Blue-Star or Gold-Star mother, please look into her splendid organization.)

Steve Maloney (An independent force of nature backing the Russell Campaign).

Concentric Circles: An Army of Bloggers

Afterthoughts: On the need to get 500 Bloggers for Russell (and knowing, I'd secretly like 1,000-plus: I believe in the theory that former presidential candidate Gary Hart called "concentric" circles. It means that you don't win big races -- like Russell vs. Murtha -- by drawing large crowds of mainly anonymous people. Instead, you find a lot of individuals -- bloggers and other activists -- who drop a pebble in the pool. Then, it goes in concentric circles including other people in the campaign. I found another one of these "connectors" today: Samantha. The Russell Campaign will find many more.

I found another one of these "connectors" today: Samantha. The Russell Campaign will find many more.

In a political context, Connectors are people who reach out to others and discuss issues with them. Of great importance Connectors know -- and connect with -- men and women like them. So, when I met Samantha online, I knew I'd found someone who can play a significant role in the Russell Campaign.

I urge you to visit Samantha at:

Eventually, those "others" encountered by connectors drop their own pebbles. I know the Blog World, and those in it are great at dropping pebbles. If you get enough of them, the waves of support beging washing into Pennsylvania -- and the 12th congressional district.

If William Russell's campaign becomes a matter of national importance -- as it is already starting to be -- the news won't be lost on Johnstown, Uniontown, Waynesburg, Monogahela, and Washington.

It starts with concentric circles, but eventually it will turn into a tidal wave of support in and around the 12th District. The 12th District is not the "Johnstown Congress." It's a part of the United States Congress. And its' the entire USA that's going to prevail in this race that is looking more and more like it just might be winnable.

So, keep tossing your pebbles into the Blogosphere!


Jenn of the Jungle, a BlogTalkRadio powerhouse, will have Lt. Col. William Russell, who's running hard and well against John Murtha, on her radio show at 8 p.m. Monday, Dec. 10. Jenn announces her show will be "Skewering Leftards like shrimp on a barbi . . . Jenn's Jungle Radio supports our troops and their mission. Bring it Moonbats." She's good. She's funny. And she just may be the girl your mother warned you about!

Find Jenn at The call-in number for her show, and I hope you will do so, is: (646) 478-5334. She's a strong and effective supporter of our troops.If you're impressed by William Russell -- and yes, you will be -- go to his web site and make at least a small contribution for this good man: I did!

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