Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"Campaign Jack Murtha"

As I noted earlier, I'm moving my main blog to: I have a new column on the economic fraud John Murtha has perpetrated on the 12th congressional district.

Here's the link to it: "Campaign Jack Murtha": Economic Failure

I hope you'll visit the new site, bookmark it, and come back often. That also applies to the people in Murtha's DC office, who visit regularly but never commnet. I wonder why . . .

In the "Campaign Jack" column, I make use of the "F-word." Yes, that's true, I call him a total FRAUD. He claims to "bring home the bacon," but it's mostly fatback mixed with rhetoric.


A friend asked me why I dislike John Murtha so much. I sent him the following explanation:

"My problem with Murtha is that I despise the guy so much he unhinges me at times. I think he's a phoney, and I believe he turned his back on our military in order to run for Majority Leader. God, that's a terrible thing to do. What kind of a "man" would do that?
Also, he's totally inflated his accomplishments in the District. If he's one of "Nancy's boys" how can he have any connection with the mostly good people in his own District?"

"Dozens of kids from the District have died and been seriously wounded. I have never heard the guy condemn al Qaida.""

"He's either an egomaniac or the most cynical man in DC. Politically and ethically, he's little more than a menace to the people in the District."

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