Saturday, December 29, 2007


The following three paragraphs are from an e-mail I wrote to a friend. I will expand on these comments in Monday's column. Most conservatives are against Campaign Finance Reform (CFR), but frankly, something has to be done -- otherwise our congressional elections will continue to look more like coronations. Any suggestions?

In my blog, I write reularly about John Murtha's financing, which is basically bribery money. In 2004, when he had NO opponent (he got 100% iof the votes cast), he spent nearly $1.6 million on his "campaign." Can any of my readers figure out how he "spent" $1.6 million in a race with NO OPPONENT?

Apparently, he has spent nearly $1,000,000 in 2007 (for a race in 2008). Think your very worst thoughts about where that money is going. The exact figures should be out in approximately 10 days on

The best way you do something about this situation is to send a contribution to William Russell.


James H said...

Let em say this about Campaign Finance reform. I think the key to reform is not limiting money but it being very transparent!!!

If I wish to spend my money promoting poltical cause x I think that is sacred. I think that should be protected.

As to Murtha. I guess after last year and his weird comments on troop deployments I cna never understand why people would vote him in. I suppse as Top Ol Neil said All politics is local and he nust have an angle there that I am noit seeing a thousand miles away

Stephen R. Maloney said...

James: I hope there is a debate about campaign finance. Some of the donations (so-called) are transparent. They are from people (UPMC, PMA Group, CTC) who have benefited from huge handouts (earmarks) and are paying Murtha back for them. If Murtha accepts a bag-full of money from the PMA Group, it's illegal. If it comes in the form of checks, it's legal. The Democratic Left is winning the fund-raising battle.
As long as that happens, "democracy" becomes something of a sham.

All that said, I hope you'll contribute to William Russell, which you can do by going to: He's an outstanding candidate.