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Sarah Palin: You're Invited to a Key PA Political Reception

"We must all hang together, or most assuredly we will all hang separately." -- Benjamin Franklin

Although I've scaled back slightly my role in the effort to Draft Sarah Palin for V-P on the Republican ticket in 2008, I continue to believe she would be the best candidate in that role. However, given the fact that Republicans appear likely to lose big in 2008 -- as in lose the presidency, lose an additional 5-6 seats in the Senate, and drop an addition 10-12 seats in the House, Sarah needs to choose her steps wisely.

Given her tremendous record of accomplishment and her reputation for decency, honesty, and selflessness, Sarah has an excellent chance to become President of the U.S. It could happen in a race against Hillary Clinton in 2012, but it would be more likely to happen in 2016 -- perhaps in a race against someone like Barack Obama.

Right now, in 2007, the Republican Party is going through a sorting out process. The extreme segment of the evangelical wing of the GOP is seriously threatening to take its ball and stay away on election day -- if Mike Huckabee (a longshot) doesn't win the nomination. A candidate like Rudy Giuliani is very willing to bid bon voyage to the evangelical extremists, especially people like Dr. Laurence White who seemingly has a deep hatred of a pluralistic and diverse America.

Frankly, the Republican Party would be better off without such people. Their "my-way-or-the-highway" approach has an element of extreme creepiness. They have no understanding of what politics is: the building of coalitions between people who agree on most issues but disagree on some.

In the meantime, an extremely attractive candidate like Sarah should continue building her base of support. She should be making contact with the people who are the future of the Republican Party.

For example, Sarah should initiate discreet contacts with people who are backing her on the blogosphere. One of those people is Adam Brickley, who blogs at: There are many others, as illustrated on my blogroll. Cindy at http://thepinkflamingo.blogharbor/blog/ is going to play a role in who gets nominated and who gets elected.

Sarah should also be establishing connections with elected officials and others who can help in the future with organization and fund-raising. For example, it would be an excellent idea for her to attend an important meeting on October 3 just outside Pittsburgh, PA.

The Diana Lynn Irey Campaign Committee is having a session called "She [Diana] Means Business" on October 3, 2007. It will involve a roundtable discussion featuring Diana (who ran in 2006 against John Murtha), former Senator Rick Santorum, former Congresswoman (and an announced congressional candidate for 2008) Melissa Hart, and PA State Senator James Pippy.

Take a look at: http;//

Santorum, Irey, and Hart have national reputations. Hart was the first female elected to Congress from Pennsylvania, and she's a strong fundraiser. Santorum lost in 2006, but he raised $27 million in campaign contributions. Irey generated 7,000 campaign contributions -- 500 more than Murtha.

Hart and Santorum both occupied important leadership roles in Congress. When it comes to important Republicans, they know them all. Santorum served in Congress with John McCain, Fred Thompson, and Sam Brownback. He's also close to Rudy Giuliani, who campaigned hard for Rick in Pennsylvania.

As for State Senator James Pippy, he's an Iraq war veteran. He has great potential to become a future Governor or Senator in Pennsylvania.

These people -- all of them in their 40s -- are scrupulously honest. Their philosophical and political beliefs are not poll-driven. In fact, the political figure they most resemble -- in terms of honesty and sincerity -- is probably Sarah herself.

Yes, Alaska is a long way from western Pennsylvania. However, it would be a political stroke of genius for Sarah to attend this get-together if it's at all possible.

On the long road back to Republican political respectability, people like Rick, Diana, Melissa, and James will play crucial roles. They should all be helping each other in this effort. Specifically, they should be sharing lists of supporters and contributors.

If any of the many Bloggers for Palin would like to attend this important meeting, let me know (comments or, let me know, and I'll help with the arrangements. It will give you the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with people who truly are the future of the GOP.

Irey-Santorum-Hart-Pippy: How many of these people am I going to ask to support Sarah Palin for the highest national offices? Why, all of them. It would help if Sarah were there in the flesh.

Details of the Santorum-Irey-Hart-Pippy Meeting:

October 3, 2007
Solutions Consulting Building
370 Southpointe Boulevard
Canonsburg, PA
Roundtable Discussion at 5 p.m.
Reception from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.


[Note on Heather A. Wilson: Aside from its first paragraph and one other, the Wikipedia biographical piece on Heather A. Wilson, a Republican congresswoman from Albuquerque, is mainly a malicious caricature. A more accurate view of Rep. Wilson is available in the analysis of her 2006 race in

Born in Keene, New Hampshire, Wilson joined the United States Air Force at the age of seventeen, graduating magna cum laude from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1982. A Rhodes Scholar, she continued her education at Jesus College, Oxford University, earning a D.Phil.. in International Relations.

Upon leaving the Air Force in 1989, Wilson became Director for European Defense Policy and Arms Control on the National Security Council. After leaving government, she founded Keystone International, Inc. in 1991 to promote business development in the United States and Russia. She is the former Secretary of the New Mexico Children, Youth and Family Department.

Wikipedia doesn't tell you the following, but Heather Wilson represents a district that is 43% Hispanic. In the past two elections, she's opposed -- and beaten -- extremely well-financed Hispanics, Richard Romero and Patricia Madrid. Rep,. Wilson is one of the best fund-raisers of any Republican candidate, and that's been a big factor in her electoral success. She's regularly accused of imaginary "wrongs" by the the Albuquerque daily newspaper and various Democrats.

Almost amazingly, she's the only female military veteran in the Congress. She's also a much-admired expert on national security issues. She is strongly against abortion, opposed to blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants, and against most tax increases -- all positions that explain some of the extreme hostility she gets from the far-left. Her political position is best described as center-right. She has an independent streak that appeals to voters in her district.

Heather is a remarkable woman and well-qualified to be any of the following: a U. S. Senator, a Vice-President, or a President. Anyone concerned about the future of the Republican Party should support -- and contribute financially to -- Heather Wilson.

Diana Lynn Irey (born 20 August 1962) serves as a County Commissioner of Washington County, Pennsylvania. She was first elected in 1995 and has been twice re-elected. She's currently running for another term.

Irey lives in Carroll Township, Pennsylvania, with her husband Robert and their three children. She is a 1981 graduate of West Virginia Business College. She was a Republican Congressional candidate running against Democratic Congressman John Murtha in the United States House election, 2006 in Pennsylvania's 12th congressional district.

In a district where Murtha usually wins by acclamation, Diana Irey garnered 80,000 votes. She received financial contributions from every state -- a total of 7,000 -- and raised nearly $900,000. Murtha received most of his contributions from the lobbyists in Maryland and Virginia and ended up with an eye-popping $3.5 million. In fact, he raised more money per vote than Hillary Clinton did in New York state. However, his total contributions were 6,500, 500 less than Diana.

Diana Irey built a strong national following among members of the military and their families. She received many small contributions from soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

An evangelical Christian and a compassionate, caring person, Diana is dedicated to the U.S. winning the War on Terror, safeguarding U.S. borders, and simplifying the tax code. She's married and the mother of three children.

She will be back.

Stephen R. Maloney


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