Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sarah Palin, Not Just Another Aging White Guy :-)

The Political Tipster evaluates 10 possible candidates for the Republican vice-presidential nod. Here's what it says: "So the frontrunners for the second spot [on the ticket] seem to be Joseph Lieberman and Sarah Palin (with the latter being a possible future Presidential candidate)." Note: Since Joe Lieberman fails my test that the V-P can't be yet another grumpy old white guy, Sarah rises to the top.

And another Alaska blogger has climbed aboard what's becoming the world's most crowded bandwagon: the one led by Sarah Palin. Ash writes a piece titled: Guv Goddess 4 Prez 2012! He notes that: "Not only can she clean the clocks of corrupt lawmakers, but as a life long member of the NRA she cleans the A-K’s fish and game faster than Billary cleaning up evidence." You can find Ash's rollicking piece of Pro-Palin material at:

You meet some wonderful people on the Internet. One person worth knowing is Ron-Paul-fan and political intellectual
Laura Ebke. You can find her at the following. Let me just say that if you disagree with Laura, it might be a good idea to wear body armor. :-) She's tough.

A big salute for Eric Dondero, a libertarian Republican who worked in the past as a staffer for Congressman Ron Paul, for writing a strong endorsement of Sarah Palin for V-P. His piece appeared on 8/26/07 on: I urge you to visit Eric's site and perhaps join in on the interesting debates that are taking place in the libertarian community. Eric supports Rudolph Giuliani for the presidential nomination.

You'll note that one libetarian commenter (and enemy of taxes) criticizes Sarah for Alaska's $6.6 billion budget. In fact, 90% of the revenues for that budget come from oil taxes, and each state citizen gets $1500-plus annually from the oil fund. Also, keep in mind that Sarah vetoed a billion-plus of the capital expenditures voted by the legislature. She said the expenditures proposed were "not a state function." Sarah, we've got your back!

Oops, we missed a fine pro-Sarah piece by earnestexpostulations, who expostulated without our eagle eyes picking it up. Earnest, welcome to the Sarah Club. We will teach you the secret handshake when there is little or no moonlight. EE's piece is at:

Couldn't have said it better. "Perfect" no matter whom she runs with, and it begins to look more and more likely that Run She Will. (Since Sarah has run a marathon, she would have no problem out-running me.)

If you missed the following from when it came out, it's worth reading.

Thanks to all those who are visting over Labor Day weekend. I'm communicating with several groups about building support for Gov. Sarah Heath Palin. As you'll note, there are a number (to say the least!) of articles about Sarah and the role she could play on the Republican ticket. I've also written recently about "Cobb" and Black conservative activists, as well as about Sen. Larry Craig and the apparent raw deal he got in Minneapolis. Regular columns will be starting no later than Tuesday. Adam has some great material about Sarah on his site: Also, see the fine new blog columns by Kazoo and David that endorse Sarah.

What I'd like to write about this week:

  • 1) On the September 5 FOX debate: I'm especially interested on how the candidates answer questions about the sanctity of life issue. Much of the talk recently has centered around a constitutional amendment that would overturn Roe v. Wade. However, the chance of such an amendment getting 67 votes in the Senate, and 38 votes by states is probably zero. (The last time the Human Life Amendment -- Hatch/Eagleton -- got a serious vote in the Senate was 1983, and it fell 18 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed for passage.)
  • 2)On Giuliani's plans about how to win the nomination: It's an approach that differs greatly from that of the other candidates -- and has little in common with the strategy pursued by any Republican presidential canidate since the "Southern Strategy" days of the 1960s. I have a strong hunch that Giuliani believes that if he can win either New Hampshire OR Iowa, as well as Nevada and Florida, where he's well ahead, Super Tuesday (Feb. 5) would be icing on the cake. Apparently, Giuliani believes the "singe-issue" (anti-abortion, pro-gun, anti-illegals, anti-gay-marriage) voters are essentially the same individuals. His campaign is one that emphasizes winning the center (and center-right) Republicans and basically cedes most of the right-wing (generally misnamed "The Base") to other candidates, including Thompson, Romney, and Huckabee. Giuliani apparently expects the other candidates (ones relying on "The Base") to cut each other to pieces.

    The following is my quote of the week, reflecting a common them in my political writings:

    If we become the Party of the "angry, old white guys," Heaven help us. We're headed in that direction, and we need to change course in a hurry. (As an occasionally cantankerous older white guy, I believe I can say that.)


Larry Perrault said...

I've said that Giuliani hopes to "hold his breath" through the early primaries, keep a high-profile in the media, and get to the media-informed contests of Feb. 5.

He can't win Iowa. Demographically/culturally, his possibilities would be better in New Hampshire, but he has to leapfrog over 2 or 3 people. I don't entirely count that out, especially after he flogs NH with media and broadcast ads. But, I wouldn't bet on it

So to me, the question is whether the media can hold up his "frontrunner profile through early losses to Feb. 5 and he shows strongly in Florida, which I unfortunately can't count out.

I responded to your comment at my blog and posted that conversation on the front page.

Mike D said...

Thanks for the plug Steve! I obviously got the link to work and found your blog. Thanks again and good work...

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Mike, thanks for the comment and for your support of Sarah Heath Palin, "not just an aging white guy" (for certain) and not just another pretty face. I truly believe that people like you are successfully involved in transforming our bruised and battered country into a better place for all. True, Sarah is just one human being, but she's obviously a remarkable one indeed.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

I'm sitting back (in a way) and watching the various candidates try to work their strategies. In some ways, Fred Thompson has a modern version of Warren G. Harding's "front-porch strategy," where most of his "campaign" appearances took place on his . . . front porch. In my fantasy world, I sometime see Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin struggling for the nomination in 2012 against President Hillary Clinton. That would be an odd struggle for the nomination since both candidates would like each other a lot -- and so there would be no negative ads!!!!!!!! A modern "First." It would be a new era of civility in politics. Candidates might actually discuss issues without fear of being beaten over the head in case they use the "wrong" word. 2008 is a tuogh one for Republicans of whatever political stripe. If it is to be a Mike-Sarah ticket, it probably would be the best one we could put forward.


P.S. The pictures of Sarah, husband Todd, and daughter Piper on Adam's site: truly are worth a thousand words. I believe it will be time someday for a first spouse (Todd) who has a beard.