Thursday, September 13, 2007

Visitors and Victory

Within a day or so, this site will go over 11,000 visitors since Campaign2008VictoryA began last April. It started on, which I ultimately decided was not somewhere I really wanted to be, and I moved to, where I am now. Earlier in this week, I began writing about the abortion issue and proposed a Human Life Amendment that actually would have a chance of passing. The main purpose of this column has become to advance the political career of a remarkable leader, Sarah Heath Palin, the Governor of Alaska. I've never met Sarah face-to-face, but I feel now that I know her as if she'd been living in the guest room. The future of our wonderful country rests on the ascendance of people like Sarah and my other political heroine, Diana Lynn Irey of Washington County, PA ( I always appreciate your paying this site a visit, and I hope you'll leave comments whenever you wish. God bless. I've have a few short pieces up before noon on Friday.

Stephen R. Maloney

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