Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sarah Palin on Son and Friend: "We've Got Their Backs"

The following is the AP story about Sarah's and Todd Palin's son, Track, age 18, leaving for basic training at Ft. Benning, GA.

Here's the link to the story and comments:

Palin's son leaves for Army boot camp

TRACK: Governor supports enlistment "for the right reasons."

The 18-year-old enlisted last week on the sixth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Track is the oldest of Palin's four children and her only son.

"I support my son's independence, and I am proud of his decision because he made it for the right reasons -- to serve his country," Palin said.

In July, Palin went to Kuwait where she visited the Alaska Army National Guard's 3rd Battalion, 297th Infantry, a unit that is made up of about 575 Alaska men and women.

She said she wanted an up-close look at the sacrifices made by Alaska-based troops in the Middle East so she accepted the offer of a two-day tour sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Ultimately, it may have been a closer look at what awaits Track.

Palin said she has come to terms with the idea that Track could be deployed next year to Iraq, Kuwait or Afghanistan, where thousands of U.S. troops are based.

Last week President Bush approved a gradual reduction of U.S. forces, which stand at the highest level of the war, about 168,000 troops.

"With this quasi draw down, there may be shorter deployments, which is encouraging for Track; in fact, that's encouraging for all of our troops," Palin said. "But more likely than not, Track will end up in the Middle East."

Since her son enlisted, Palin said, she has received several e-mails from women whose sons or daughters have either enlisted or are serving overseas.

While proud of their children's decision to enlist, they have not lost sight of the prospects of losing a loved one in the war.

"I certainly have thought about it; the mixed emotions we all feel will be something that binds us together," Palin said. "But we don't regret that our son or daughter has made this decision."

Track Palin joins Wasilla High classmate John Bates at Fort Benning. The Palin family threw the teens a party on Sunday evening.

Palin said the party was not a farewell, but a thank you for the young men's commitment to serve.

"We want the boys to know that we support them and we've got their backs," Palin said.

The following are some comments from the Anchorage Daily News about the above story:

Its admirable that with all the options open to a governors son he has chosen to serve his country, and even more admirable that he's chosen to do it as an enlisted soldier. I think it speaks volumes that he hasn't chosen to take an easier route in life.
An Inspiring Act...
...that demonstrates great personal courage, true patriotism, and independence. I've been serving in the Army for over 23 years. I have the greatest admiration and respect for this fine young man and all of his brothers and sisters in arms. God Bless the USA!
A man has to do what he feel right. It is alaskans like him and his family that set us alaskans apart from the rest of the states. I will keep him and all service members in my prayers. God Bless the USA and expecially Alaskans.
Good luck to you Track and God bless all the young women and men serving this great country of ours. By the way Sarah, I think you have done a great job since you have been in office. I do believe you will have their back's.

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