Friday, September 14, 2007

Laurence White Versus the Real America

Note: I've made my points about Dr. Laurence White, and I don't see the need to make anymore statements on him. People who want to learn more about him should read his "God and Caesar," which I find an extremely disturbing statement of hatred for American society.
Rudy’s 50-state strategyBy Salena ZitoFriday, September 14, 2007

Piece above is very worth reading . . .

In the comments to previous piece, I talk about Dr. Laurence White and his essay called "God and Caesar." I quote the piece extensively, and my conclusion is that White is (1) basically calling for a violent revolution by Christians against American civil society; (2) encouraging "pro-life-killers" like Paul Hill and Eric Rudolph; (3) writing a document that sounds uncomfortably like an American Mein Kampf in targeting certain groups and institutions -- including homosexuals and the public school system -- of destroying the moral core of society. I disagree with him on all points. This is a pluralistic society and a representative democracy. It is not a theocratic state. One of my biggest problems with Dr. White (among many) is that there seems no evidence that he's ever talked to one of those young women "in trouble and in need of a friend." In fact, he's not their friend, but rather their accuser.

One of my best friends in the Deep South is a Catholic woman with the initials P.L., who counseled many pregnant women, most of them young, some extremely young (13-14), and some of them ended up having abortions, often being pressured to do so by family or "friends." P. L. loved them unconditionally as is her way, and that approach is what makes her a living saint. I also think of my African-American neighbor Mary, whom I saw tonight on my way to the h.s. football game. She was -- appropriately -- wearing a gold cross. She's in her 60s and take care of children -- current, Ali, age 4, and "Mo Mo" (Monique) who's 14 months. I expect when she's 80 Mary will be taking care of Ali's and Mo Mo's kids. P. L. and Mary are so of the inhabitants of the "evil" America Dr. White supposedly sees. As St, Paul pointed out in 1 Corinthians, where there's an absence of love, there's basically nothing, a vast emptiness.

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