Monday, September 10, 2007

Ancient Mariners and Bloggers for Sarah Palin

Here's a response I wrote to a fascinating comment by a naval veteran who's thinking of supporting Barack Obama:

Dear Ancient Mariner: Your comment is one of the most interesting I've ever received. I hope you keep returning and leave as many comments as you wish. It's very important to talk about the roles of the various elements of the Party, and to identify the reasons why people like you and Christopher (who's much younger than either of us) have become disaffected from the Party. One thing I wish you would do is to look into some of the younger members of the Party who offer great hope for the future. I've written some about Heather Wilson (an Air Force veteran) of New Mexico and Diana Lynn Irey, who lives about a half-hour away from me. The key figure in making the U.S. a better and more civil society is Sarah Heath Palin, the extremely popular Governor of Alaska. Please take a look at some of the growing body of information about her, all of it linked on my blogroll. The key articles on Sarah are Fred Barnes's, Dimitri Vassilaros', Adam's, and SJ Reidhead's. For various reasons, we can't depend on the political Parties to "do the right thing" in regard to candidates. They need our "assistance." I'll put the Barnes, Vassilaros, and Reidhead links up on my blog later this morning (Monday). There are some wonderful candidates out there (Bobby Jindal, running for Gov. of Louisiana is another one), and we need to bring them to the world's attention.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa

Below is a list containing a small fraction of the Bloggers-for-Palin. They're all eminently worth visiting. I will list more sites as time goes on. These bloggers represent various points-of-view, but they're all vigorously involved in trying to make this country better and stronger. If you would like to support Sarah Palin for the vice-presidency (and ultimately, perhaps, the Presidency) please contact Adam at: or (Steve, PA) (Adam, CO) (Mad's Dad. CO) (James H., Louisiana) (Christopher, MI)
I (David, DE) (Sanity, HI) (SJ Reidhead/Cindy, NM) (Trish, AK)

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