Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Sarah, those of us who love and respect you are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that someday you will be inaugurated as President of our beloved country. Keep up the great work! (Later today, I'll have some quotes from the article in Alaska.)

In the February issue of Vogue magazine, Sarah Palin is featured (along with Kansas Governor Kathleen Sibelius). Sarah is the mother of four children, three girls (Piper, Willow, and Bristol) and a boy, Track, 18, who is in the U.S. Army Infantry. Track enlisted on 9/11/2007. It's likely he will see service in Iraq or Afghanistan, or both.

Sarah's husband, Todd, is an oil field production worker on the North Slope oil field and formerly was a commercial fisherman. A hunter and outdoorswoman, Sarah is a life member of the NRA.
Because of her extremely high popularity in Alaska, Sarah is known as "the nation's most popular elected official."

Increasingly, she's seen as a likely choice for the vice-presidential slot on the GOP's national ticket. She's an energy on energy, the environment, and climate change as it relates to Alaska.
There's news tonight that the campaign of Mike Huckabee is undergoing severe shortages of money. As I've written recently, the Huckabee Campaign suffers mainly from a chronic case of foot-in-the-mouth disease, both by Huckabee and his campaign supporters, including: Rev. Richard Rude of Iowa, who made anti-Catholic remarks and B-movie star Chuck Norris, who recently made offensive statements about John McCain's age. Huckabee's "waving" of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina was offensive to Black people and to just about anyone who believes in decency on the part of politicians. Also, his anti-Mormon remarks (saying that Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are 'brothers") were gratuitous. There's more, but you get the point.

The time has come for Huckabee to realize that he will win at most one more state: Arkansas. He should withdraw his candidacy. As for Huckabee getting the vice-presidential nod, any nominee who make such a choice should realize he will be running with an anvil around his neck.

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