Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McCain: Choose Sarah not Mike!

"I trust in the good sense, courage, resilience, and human decency of the American people . . . the most optimistic, ingenious, and industrious people in the history of the world." (John McCain, January 29, 2008)

Congratulations to Senator John McCain for his huge victory tonight in Florida, one of my favorite states. A salute also to another fine candidate, Rudy Giuliani, who will always be "America's Mayor." It's not a well-kept secret that tomorrow in California Mayor Giuliani will endorse the campaign of his friend, a great American patriot named John McCain.

This is a good night for America.

I've written recently about my problems with the candidacies of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, neither of whom would be a good choice for an office like the presidency. I hope you'll read what I wrote -- and comment if you'd like.

I'm hearing tonight that John McCain in his victory speech did everything but offer the vice-presidential slot to Gov. Mike Huckabee. I believe McCain should choose someone else, specifically, Gov. Sarah Heath Palin of Alaska. She brings everything to the table that Huckabee does -- but without his baggage. Huckabee has established himself as "Pastor Mike," somebody who'd be very much at home in "Mayberry, RFD." The states he would "help" in are mainly ones where McCain doesn't need help. Sarah would bring the values voters with her. Would love to hear your comments!

I'd like everyone to visit Cindy's blog and read her outstanding tribute to our President, George W. Bush. Here's the link: http://thepinkflamingo.blogharbor.com/blog/_archives/2008/1/29/3494764.html

Tomorrow (Wednesday), I'll put up some excerpts from the tribute. Right now, the world little notes the greatness of the man, but I'm sure it will long remember. Greatness? He kept us safe for six years. Enough said.


SJ Reidhead said...

Aside from the fact that you have excellent taste in your blog reading, I agree with you about Sarah Palin. She's the obvious choice.

The Pink Flamingo

Sanity102 said...

Since Cindy did not allow comments on her tribute to Bush, I thought I'd do so here.

What many people in the media, both Left and Right, don't get...there are MANY people who feel like Cindy.

I'm one. On that post 9/11 day, when he stood on that mound with that retired fireman and told the world they would hear from us, I told myself in awe...I believe him.

I have NEVER believed in a politician before.

In fact, I didn't listen to radio talk shows, pay any attention to affairs outside of my world, blog, prayed for a politician or cared who won a primary.

GW changed and touched alot of people...people who don't appreciate all the bashing, especially from the purist who is SUPPOSED to be on the same side.

And these people WILL hear from us too...

SJ Reidhead said...

Thank you. The comments should be working. We're doing a little remodeling at The Pink Flamingo so things can be up or down, depending on which button I've made the mistake of pushing!

The Pink Flamingo

Stephen R. Maloney said...

People like Sanity (Malia) and Flamingo (Cindy) are the future of the Republican and conservative movements. If McCain is to win the election, it will take the total dedication of tens of thousands of people like Cindy, Malia, and Brad Marston. To a significant degree, the campaign will be won on the Internet.

steve maloney