Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bill, Hillary Play "Race Card"

On this blog, I write about both Dem candidates -- Obama and Clinton -- and the best ways to beat them. Obama has run a brilliant campaign, but he has come up against the Clinton's "win-at-any-cost" politics and that threw him off his game.

As I predicted, the Clintons have used the race card in very subtle ways, trying to pigeonhole Obama as someone only Black voters will support, thereby suggesting that White folks should vote for Mrs. Clinton. That is a despicable act, especially as performed by the usually jovial "first Black President,' Bill Clinton. Barack, 24 hours per day: watch thy back.

One of the intriguing elements of the Dem campaign is that, if Hillary wins (as expected), she will be under great pressure to name Barack as V-P nominee. She'd rather have four root canals than do so.

It's important to recognize that with Democrats elective office is their job-for-life (check out people like Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy, John Murtha, and Charlie Rangel). They are not going to "return to the private sector." where they've never been anyway. They will remain in Congress until they're carried out feet first.

Mrs. Clinton is now talking about her "35 years of experience." Thirty-five years? Did we miss something? She's been a Senator for seven-plus years, and she never have elective office before -- although she did function as "someone's wife." Hillary seems to be tracing her so-called "experience" back to early days at Wellesley College.

Later today (Thursday), I'll be posting some important information about John McCain and the best strategy for him as he goes into the general election. Please return and, if you'd like, leave your comments.

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