Saturday, January 12, 2008

John McCain: Call Sarah Palin

I haven't written a lot in recent times about Alaska Gov. Sarah Heath Palin, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about her. Since she visits this site from time to time, I want to reassure her that I continue to support her for the vice-presidential nod on the Republican ticket. She's exactly the kind of young, dynamic, highly electable individual that the GOP desperately needs.

I've said before that Sarah reminds me of two Pennsylvania politicos: Diana Lynn Irey, who ran so heroically against John Murtha in 2006 and Melissa Hart, who lost her congressional narrowly in 2006 -- and is determined to regain it this year. I've contributed $200 to Melissa's campaign, and I intend to donate more. She and Diana are highly intelligent people who truly care about the people they represent, and we need individuals like them in high office. They're Christians not only in faith but also in actions. They love their neighbors. And I love them.

I feel the same way about Sarah. She didn't grow up with any silver spoons around. Her parents were teachers in Alaska, and they taught their daughter well. She's the most popular governor in the country, mainly because the Alaskan people can see that she truly cares about them and their future. The Alaska Constitution, which Sarah reveres, says that the resources of the state exist for the benefit of the people, and she is perhaps the first governor there to take that fact into account.

The oil services firms that historically have bribed (sometimes in the form of "contributions," sometime just handing over envelopes full of cash) know that Sarah is untouchable. She's not for sale.

I was one of the first people to join the "Draft Palin for VP" movement, one started by a 20-year-old political genius from Colorado, Adam Brickley. You can find him here. A staunch Sarah-supporter in Alaska is Trish Houser, who worked on Sarah's campaign for governor.

It now appears probable -- although by no means certain -- that the Republican nominee for President will be John McCain. I urge John to give serious consider to Sarah as his vice-presidential running mate. She's the kind of charismatic young person who would add real strength to the ticket. The mother of an American solider, the wife of a working man, Sarah is someone with whom the people of this country can identify.

McCain-Palin: it sounds like a winning combination to me!


Anonymous said...

Although I am a great admirer of both Palin and McCain I am skeptical to the value she'd have on the 2008 ticket. McCain has already established himself as a defender of populism, and his moderate policies are too much like Palin's for her to adequantly balance the ticket. I am sure though she'll replace his roll as the moderate uncourruptable GOP populist on the national scene come 2012 or 2016 (which I cannot see the GOP shunning again) it would likly be more poltically viable for McCain to appoint someone more associated with the traditional GOP base (perhaps Huckabee or the Governer of Minnesota) and hope McCain does not die in office. The VP doesn't wield that much power anyways.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

No, no, no, no, and did I say no? One of Mrs. Clinton's most effective lines contrast the Democratic candidates (one woman, one Black, one Hispanic, and a collection of idiots) with the Republican cast: 10 (mostly old) white guys. Whoever the Republican candidate turns out to be, he would be a political dope to choose anyone other than a woman. The last presidential campaign (ever) that we had four white guys on the presidential ticket -- and I mean the last ever -- was 2004. If a white nominee chooses another white guy, he is going to be asked: Why? This country has changed a great deal in a short time, and a lot of Republicans seem not to have noticed. McCain-Palin.

steve maloney

Anonymous said...

I also like Palin as well. To play Devil's Advocate...Alaska doesn't do much for the National Scene and she is more of a moderate as is McCain.

What about Tennesee Congress-women Marsha Blackburn. She is popular with conservatives, can help carry the south and (like Palin) very attractive.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Hi Anonymous. I talked about Marsha Blackburn recently with Melissa Hart, who knows her well. I told Melissa that she (Melissa) could win Marsha's district without ever going south of PA. Ms. Blackburn's district includes mainly the nice Republican suburbs stretching from Nashville to Memphis. How exactly is Sarah Palin a moderate, except for the fact she seems to genuinely like everybody. She's pro-life, a life member of the NRA, and opposed to taxes (on citizens). If she's a "moderate," I give up. A female who would be a great V-P choice is Heather Wilson of NM, the only female veteran in Congress and a former Rhodes Scholar. Keep the faith!

steve maloney
ambridge, pa