Wednesday, January 16, 2008


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If you'd like to read a great column on Barack Obama, go to John Hawkins'

This is another piece in my never-ending correspondence with Cindy at The Pink Flamingo (see column below):

One of the major issues out there is how to bring conservatives down from their perch in the trees, scratching their pits, back into humanity. I just got a note from one far-right type telling me how awful Barack Obama's church was (same type of article that appeared six months ago in the NY Times). I sent a long reply.

That particular church does not seem particulary "Christian," but it does a great deal of good work in the community, trying to bring people up into the middle class (while berating the elements of middle-class life that most of us worry about, including the bigotry).

My problem with Obama is not his church. It's his politics, which is the same old "redistribute the wealth!" "Get re-elected." "Pay off AFSCME and the NEA!" When people go around condemning his silly minister, they avoid confronting the real issues.

Too many far-right people have one major gripe with Obama: the color of his skin.

Obama's wife Michelle not only has "rhythm," but also is a tremendously effective political operative. His two girls are beautiful and appealing. His message strikes the right chord with many people.

Meanwhile, my right-wing correspondent is telling me who his minister is friendly with and that he doesn't particularly cotton to white folks. Historically, of course white folks haven't exactly been the best friends of black folks, what with slavery, segregation, and the like.

My wife likes Obama a lot, and she is not in any sense a stupid person. Anyway, when people become serious candidates for President, Democrat or Republican, I start treating them with basic courtesy. We only get one President, and he or she turns out to be OUR President. If we go through another hate-fest, such as the one we've had with the Leftists and Bush, the nation will be diminished.

We need to talk about what conservatism is, and what it's not. It's not most of the stuff now parading around the Internet.

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