Saturday, April 5, 2008


Patrick Hynes of the McCain Campaign sent me two e-mails today, one about Barack Obama's false, malicious statement that McCain wants to continue the Iraq War "for 100 years," and another about the Obama supporter who called McCain a "warmonger." I sent Patrick two responses, both of them making the point that McCain is being much too nice to Obama.

Response one: Patrick: Thanks for the piece on "Mr. New Politics.' I'm not sure that Senator McCain is aware what kind of campaign the Democrats will wage in the general election -- and are already beginning. John McCain seems to believe that Barack is a good man -- and even an honorable one. In those assessments, he is dead wrong. Obama is a Chicago pol whose main financial backing comes from types, and he's only too willing to do their bidding. It's time to start hitting back -- hard and often.

Response two: Patrick: I agree that bloggers should react to the Ed Schultz remarks (calling McCain a "warmonger") and the tepid comment by Obama's "spokeswoman." But that's not enough. John McCain has to step up to the plate and question the honesty and character of Barack Obama and his campaign.

He cannot proceed under the illusion that Barack is "one of the guys in the Senate," somebody to go across the aisle to, pat on the back, and josh with (as McCain did two weeks ago). Obama will interpret actions like those as a sign of weakness.

Steve adds: If I believe Barack Obama was an honorable man who loved his country I'd probably be voting for him.

After reading what Obama has written and what his "spiritual advisor" has taught him, I believe no such things about him. Patrick Hynes has provided a great deal of information about the McCain family's remarkable record of serving their country. The McCain family must be a mystifying group to someone like Barack Obama, whose life demonstrates service not to our nation, but to himself.

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Note: Patrick was kind enough to reply to my comments above, and I responded to him:

Here's Patrick reply to me: Stephen: I appreciate the note. However, it would be a mistake and out of character for Sen. McCain to personally question Sen. Obama’s character. But we have already called Sen. Obama’s remarks on “100 years” dishonest and McCain criticized Obama himself:Here's my reply: Thanks, Patrick.

Here's my response: If a man makes dishonest statements -- even Hillary Clinton says Obama is "mischaracterizing" the 100 years comment -- then he defines his character himself. Obama is saying that McCain wants to continue the Iraq War ("live on CNN!") for 100 years -- and he will continue saying it. If he doesn't get challenged ferociously, then voters will believe it. If Sen. McCain thought South Carolina in 2000 was nasty, he hasn't seen anything yet.

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Average American said...

Steve, I doubt we will see John McCain resort to anything that even resembles dirty politics, someone else will have to do that. Whoever that someone is going to be should read "Dreams from my father" to get more ammunition. Also, I believe there are a lot of skeletons in Obama's closet, starting with his cousin Odinga in Kenya. I get a real strong sense that Obama is one of the most bigoted politicians in America today. Between his minister, his grandmother, his cousin, and his book, there is a nasty picture of Obama the racist.