Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary Supporters Should Back McCain

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As many of you know, I believe it's critical to reach out to Hillary Clinton supporters, many of whom say they will vote for John McCain if Barack Obama gets the nomination. Recently, I started an innovative site called: http://hillarysupportersformccain.blogspot.com. I sincerely believe Mrs. Clinton is a better candidate than Obama, but he's likely to end up with nomination. On my Hillary site tomorrow (Wednesday), I'll have a column about why Mrs. Clinton should get the nomination. It will contain information you haven't seen before. I urge you to visit the "Hillary" site.

Senator Clinton won a major victory tonight in Pennsylvania. As some of you know, I predicted her winning margin would be either 55-45 or 54-46. It appears that I was right on target. Obama may very well win the nomination, but his campaign is floundering badly.

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maddlizz said...

I am a Hillary supporter. I will never vote for Obama because he is inexperienced and unqualified to be President. I am also Black and I refuse to vote for an unqualified person just because they are Black. I fear that Obama would be a worse President than Carter or Bush. The only way I could ever vote for Obama would be if Hillary was on the ticket as VP. However, that will never happen because Obama knows that she would overshadow him. Therefore, I will be voting for MCain and hoping for a better Democratic candidate in 2012.

Silver Spring MD