Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Melissa Hart: Pulverizing Jason Altmire

"America in 2008 is a mean place." (Michelle Obama, who apparently wants to be First Lady of that "mean place.")

As you'll notice, my views about a Melissa Hart victory over Jason Altmire are not all that different from what McCain has to do to win over Obama in Pennsylvania. It's important to understand that Jason Altmire, who's one of Nancy Pelosi's and John Murtha's "pets" in Washington, will try to portray himself -- falsely -- as a centrist.

Also, as the campaign goes on, he and his surrogates and financial backers will try the same approach they relied on in 2006: to use their slime buckets in an attempt to heap mud on Melissa. Since Altmire will say anything and do anything to win, it's important that voters know exactly why so many observers describe him as a political guttersnipe.

I'm working to get bloggers and other onliners to "link" (technically, emotionally, and politically) to Melissa's site -- and to keep going there. I also ask them to make small contributions (I mention $20 to $50) on the theory that if they make one, they'll make more.

The 4th congressional district (north and west of Pittsburgh) is not a household term in, say, Texas or Oregon, but if it gets portrayed accurately as the most important congressional race in the country (and one that's critical to McCain's future), then it should get people's attention.

It's important to keep reminding people that Altmire called Murtha his "campaign manager" because, outside the 12th congressional district Murtha is as unpopular as it gets. I also link Altmire's name with that of Pelosi, on the basis that Altmire voted for her as Speaker and regularly votes with her on critical issues. On insignificant issues, Pelosi occasionally allows him to vote in accord with the wishes of voters in the 4th.

Also, on the Obama comments: he portrayed Pennsylvanians as a bunch of Bible-thumping, gun-toting rubes who take out their economic frustrations on immigrants and people who are "different" from Obama's supporters. Altmire apparently agrees on that point.

Finally, there's the issue of Altmire's radical donors, as revealed on www.opensecrets.org (go there and type in Altmire's name). Somehow he believes he can accept huge amounts of money from radical left-wingers -- and somehow continue to portray himself as a centrist.

In fact, Altmire is getting his "donations" from the same people who cheered Obama's sneering comments about Pennsylvanians and other average Americans. The contributors are people who believe in economic protectionism and in waging the War on Terror with rhetoric and platitudes rather than real resolve. In May, I'll be launching a national boycott of the radical interest groups who are supporting Altmire.

The America-haters of Moveon.org play as big a role in financing Altmire's campaign as they do in Obama's. (I'm going to write extensively in coming days about Altmire's money-men.) It's eminently fair to use Altmire's radical donors against him. What's more, he needs to explain why he's taking money from union dues paid under duress by union bosses from members who support Melissa Hart.

Because of his actions, Altmire should always be on the defenstive -- right through November 4. Overall, it's critical for people in the 4th who vote for John McCain to vote for Melissa Hart. She will support McCain's practical, yet visionary, policies. Altmire would not.

In the 4th, the numbers look good. McCain will win the district by tens of thousands of votes (perhaps as many as 40,000 -- Bush having won in 2004 by 30,000). Thus, McCain should be putting wind in Melessa's sails.

Despite the vast amounts of money the far-Left is pouring into Altmire's campaign, Melissa Hart is looking more and more like a winner.

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Desmond Huntington said...

So the people of the Pennsylvania 4th voting Melissa Hart out once wasn't enough of a hint?

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Apparently not, since she's looking like a winner. Desmond Huntington is nice elitist name (are the III or the IV?). I bet you're an Obama man.