Friday, April 4, 2008

Huckabee Backers, Support John McCain

Note: This weekend (Saturday and Sunday) I'll be contacting people who supported Mike Huckabee for the Republican nomination. I'll be asking hundreds of such people to offer their full support (on their blogs and through contributions) to Senator John McCain. From all indications, Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee. Senator Obama differs from Gov. Huckabee on every major issue -- from the sanctity of life to the War on Terrorism. As Bill Clinton observed, John McCain has given everything imaginable to his country, "aside from giving his life." He deserves the support of all thoughtful Americans.

I'll be back with my regular columns on Monday. Thanks as always for visiting. Your comments are always welcome.

John McCain's "Service to America" tour was filled with great moments. The following is from the tour's first day at Mississippi's McCain Field, named after John's grandfather, a Navy Admiral:

Where the McCain story begins - The family traditions of duty, honor and sacrifice shaped John McCain from an early age and guided his vision for the future. Meridian is the home of McCain Field named after John McCain's grandfather, an admiral in the U.S. Navy.
An excerpt from John McCain's speech in Meridian:

"A distant ancestor served on General Washington's staff, and it seems my ancestors fought in most wars in our nation's history. All were soldiers - both Henry and Bill McCain were West Pointers - until my grandfather broke family tradition and entered the Naval Academy in 1902. He was succeeded there by my father, then me, and then my son."

Click here to read more about day one, including John McCain's full speech, a blog report from the road and the day's video.


ed said...

heads up: If dems get a look at senator John Mccain record as a pilot…

I think Mccain could crash and burn the whole Republican party this November.

He gets a lot of passes because he was a pow, but his nickname from fellow naval flyers was “crash”.

He did trash 5 planes in total, but daddy was a admiral.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Your comments are partisan, petty, and generally absurd. The exact quality of McCain's flying skills will play no role in the campaign, and the national polls indicate that McCain will be a major positive for Republicans in November. Yes, his "daddy" was an admiral and so was his grandfather. What role did your daddy and granddaddy play in preserving American liberty. No one, even the pathetic Barack Obama, has questioned McCain's leadership and courage as a POW. As Bill Clinton said, "John McCain has given just about everything he could to his country, other than his life." Ed, you should be ashamed of yourself, but I doubt that shame is your strong suit.