Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Will Bill Clinton Support McCain?

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Bulletin: Rasmussen: McCain Trusted More Than Obama On 9 Out of 14 Electoral Issues

I have a report from a credible source that Bill Clinton at the end of the Democratic primaries was talking enthusiastically about "President McCain." I'm trying to get permission to reprint the material I received. The problem is that it could possibly compromise a political operative who is working hard to defeat Obama -- but who earlier was working for HRC's nomination. That's all I can say right now, but I'm sure there will be more later.

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Bill Clinton has said that Obama -- and the Obama Campaign -- used the "race card" against him. He's also suggested they used it against his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In that assessment, the former President is right on target. Obama is now obviously trying to use race against John McCain -- the remarks about his [Black] face on the currency being the latest example. The Obama Campaign has long been trying to spread the idea that a vote against him is a vote for racism -- something they believe will scare Democrats into voting for Party rather than country.

It's time -- and it's almost past time -- for Bill and Hillary to step up to the plate. They need to renounce Barack Obama before the Denver Convention. Bill has said he'll be ready to speak out on November 5.

That may be too late. Bill needs to speak NOW from his heart and head.

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