Friday, August 8, 2008

"The U.S. IS ready for a Black President. It is ready for . . . Michael Steele."

"Vote McCain, not Hussein"

I'm delighted that hundreds of people every day -- sometimes more -- read my blogs (listed at the bottom of this piece). Currently, I'm "managing" a critically important group, NoBama Mission Bloggers. The blogroll (see the sidebar) continues to grow, and right now there are 150-plus blog.

My goal, a very ambitious one, is to get to 300 by mid-September. That will be a "critical mass" which will allow us to improve our Google and Technorati "rankings" and begin to have a real influence on the election.What if you want to establish a blog (or two, or three), but don't know how to do so? What I'd suggest is that you click on the following link:

It's a piece by blogging expert Kathy Morrison, a person who does web pages for a living, and it's all you'll need to establish your own blog. Also, if you want to get people -- and eventually, a lot of people -- to visit your blog, e-mail me at: I'll send you material that shows how to use key words to help people find and visit your blog. And, of course, when you establish a blog, you can join NoBama Mission Bloggers

As the weekend goes on, I'll write more about the role bloggers and other onliners can play in helping ensure that the next POTUS is NOT named Barack Hussein Obama. In political activity, it turns out that it's both WHO you know -- and HOW MANY people you know. (Hint: have a real long e-mail address list.)

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