Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary Clinton Devastates Supporters

got the following e-mail tonight from Mary and Charles, older, nice Roman Catholic Hillary Supporters who gave a lot of their hard-earned money to her manic and self-absorbed "campaign" If anyone wants to write to them -- but what do you say? -- please forward it through me at TalkTop65@aol.com.

My very good friends....this is a hard letter to write but I must.Many of us have been communicating back and forth for over a year on Hillary's behalf. However, I once said I will never back a liar, anyone who supports Obama, makes a fool out of us or do anything on her behalf. I had to wait until I heard it from Hillary herself.....she is backing Obama and next she will turn over all her delegates to Obama and tell us ,who always stood by her, to go and vote for the most corrupt politician in our history. You know how I was raised and who I am----I could never do that and thus will just vote for McCain in November. I will say one more time that Obama is a very dangerous man who cannot and must not be trusted----he will(I swear to you) destroy this country.I will, although it breaks my heart, stop communications with everyone....she has broken my heart and my Family who worked so hard and donated a great deal of money. I only wish she had just not backed Obama...I would have still respected her.May God Bless each one of you and your families. Good health always. Please, Please take care.I will see you at the voting booth in Nov. I'll be the guy pulling the McCain lever.

God love you all

Mary and Charles

Steve adds: This whole situation is so damn SHAMEFUL. I have been in touch with these people for about a month. As the wife in Death of a Salesman puts it, "Attention! Attention must be paid." However, the woman whose attention they wanted -- and they even got their priest to send a letter to her -- doesn't give a rat's behind about the good people who were so badly deceived. Shame on you, Hillary Rodham Clinton! And there was the "Big Dog," smiling and clapping as she endorsed the man who labeled her -- and him --racists. Does it get any uglier? What Mary and Charles realized tonight is that their favorite candidate is not a good human being.

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