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The McCain Campaign depends greatly on as many active, involved volunteers as possible. There's no way this campaign can be won by "politics as usual." It requires a great deal of creativity, imagination, and just plain hard work.

For example, today on Brit Hume's show on FOX, the host suggested that McCain needs to create an army of volunteers among veterans. The panelist from NPR suggested there weren't all that many veterans. She's wrong. The Almanac of American Politics says there are 25 million veterans, a huge number, in the U.S.

Do the math. Those 25 million vets all have family members -- spouses, children, and in the case of younger vets, mothers and fathers. The McCain Campaign needs to do much more than have a Coordinator of Veterans Affairs. In fact, it needs to contact every veteran in the U.S. and ask for their support. It also has to ask them to reach out to family and friends to generate backing for Senator McCain.

It will take in excess of 75 million votes to win the 2008 presidential election. Obviously, if McCain does the full-court-press on veterans and those they can influence, he probably will the presidency. If he doesn't, it's probable that he won't. It's just that simple.

In the Age of the Internet, we've gone beyond the days when a good candidate -- and McCain is one -- could just say: "I'm here. Everybody please vote for me." People have to asked directly for their votes, in many case, by e-mails.

With his TV ads, McCain has to emphasize himself -- as a man with an heroic past and a total commitment to serving his country. That's the John McCain who has won his races in Arizona by huge margins. That's the John McCain who won big in Florida and on Super Tuesday.

One thing McCain must not do is to go hat-in-hand to conservatives such as those represented by the creepy radio talk show hosts (Limbaugh, Ingraham, and Hewitt). If McCain tries to mollify those troglodytes, he will lose his strong appeal to moderates -- Republican, Independent, or Democratic. He should welcome anyone who wants to support him and wish the best for those who don't.

Above all perhaps, McCain has to listen to good advice from people who support him. He does many things well and a few things poorly. He need to intensify the former and eliminate the latter. This extremely disciplined man must become even more so.

THE FOLLOWING IS A POST I PUT ON THE MCCAIN FOR POTUS FORUM in response to Sanity102, who blogs at:

I've had mixed feelings about the talk show hosts and their "dittoheads" (rockheads?). John McCain has always won elections by being himself. Is that enough to win this election against a highly energized Democratic base? I guess we'll find out. I wrote today about energizing military veterans and their families. Sanity, the process of purging and revitalizing may take a decade. In the WOT, we probably don't have a decade, but the shifts going on will take some time. I will be writing one column after another (like today's) on how McCain can win. I'm asking him to select as his VP nominee the one female veteran ever elected to Congress, former Rhodes Scholar Heather Wilson. As you know, I think there are two Americas: the Warrior Society (you, I, McCain, Gen. Petraeus, and many more) and the Wimp Society, the one Hillary and Barack appeal to. The talk show hosts have too much power and too few brains. They need to be part of the Purge.

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Sanity102 said...

An interesting item...Obama is having difficulty with the Hispanic voter.

The latter seems to like Hilary--and some are saying that it is THEIR vote that has won her California.

No, McCain should not, must not make up with the talk show mafia. The latter cannot be allowed to think they can control the WH and Congress. I blame them and their minions for the lost of Congress and why we are not sitting pretty for the next 40 years.

They never understood that no party can win without the Middle and to go after Hispanics was plain stupid.

Think about it...if there are 12 million illegals--and you make it hard for those 12 million to find a path to legality--you have just alienated their family and friends.

Every time the TSM tells people that McCain is NOT a part of the group that want to round up and ship out their relatives and loved ones...they give a reason for 12 MILLION friends and family to vote for McCain.