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NOTE: AFTER THIS WEEKEND, MY DAILY POSTINGS WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLY AT: At bottom of column see my remarks about Ann Coulter.

This week I sent the following to BradMarston of, a major operative for Senator John McCain.

I'm going to ask dozens of bloggers to join the Bloggers for McCain, and I believe most of them will. The "Rudy" group on Yahoo is mostly in McCain's camp now, and many of them are talented activists (Sharon, the group leader, worked in NH & FL for Rudy). They are one of the "sane" groups (as opposed to the other kind) on Yahoo Groups.

I'll be writing a lot about McCain over the next several weeks. My column today cites Michael Barone's comments. If McCain has a great Internet campaign, he can win.

The following is Brad's response.


It is great to have you on board.

Thank you for also reaching out to the former Rudy bloggers and getting them to come on board. Rudy's concession speech was wonderful, heartfelt and realistic. John McCain will be the nominee and hopefully President.

Stephen let me ask you a favor. I am a victim of my own success. You remember back in November when I had to beg bloggers to co-sign our post on the official blog. Now I could get 100 bloggers to sign it. I have been fortunate enough to have so many people, so much more qualified than I to join up. Please have your former Rudy Bloggers contact Michael Schuyler at for info on the MV08 blog.

Michael is the MAN. He has generated 21 new McCain blogs just in the past month.

You and I are a special case. We understand the importance of the internet to campaigns. (I Love Sarah Palin). Please keep contacting me personally but also cc Michael when you do.

Stephen, again. Thank you so much for your support and all your kind words on my behalf.

Warmest regards,


I hope everyone who visits this blog seizes the initiative (contacting Michael Schuyler at michael or going directly to: Brad outlines. The presidential election will not be held until November 4, 2008, but the foundation for victory will be established long before Election Day. Thanks so much for your assistance.

NOTE: In my previous column, which I urge you to read, I point out Michael Barone's excellent description of "McCain, the Man."

I'll be writing more each day between now and February 6 about steps Senator McCain must take to win the election next November. My emphasis in the next few days will be on the Supreme Court, health care, immigration, and the War on Terror, on all of which the Senator must sharpen his stands. It will be no picnic running against the team of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (who now seems to recognize that he will be on the ticket as the vice-presidential nominee).

I received the following comments on my previous post:

A Red Mind in a Blue State said...
Palin seems interesting as a VP choice.
February 1, 2008 5:24 AM
GenXDad said...
I just signed on with MV08. Thanks for the link.The far right is making a list stand, which is fine - better to hash this out now than six months from now when we're in the general election season. Most likely, McCain will come out tested and stronger. On the off chance he falters, better now than later.

GenXDad has a terrific column on Townhall. You can find him at: Christopher, who also commented is at: Another strong McCain supporter is Malia ("Sanity 102"), who is at: I suggest that people like "A Red Mind in a Blue State" visit the main "Draft Palin" (Adam's) website at: For readers of "Vogue" magazine, Sarah Palin is featured in this month's (February's) issue.

Sanity 102 ( gave me a call from Hawaii this a.m. and noted that Ann Coulter (on Sean Hannity's show) had "threatened" to endorse Hillary Clinton for President because she is "strong" on the WOT. In fact, Mrs. Clinton barely acknowledges that such a war exists -- presumably because she's trying to appeal to the 20% of Democrats who say in polls that they hope the U.S. loses in Iraq. Miss Coulter continues to be a front-runner in the "Scum of the Earth" contest. Here's how I replied to Sanity:

I'll be writing (maybe for last time) on Ann Coulter this weekend. What's next? An Afro? A miraculous conversion to Christianity? An affair with KFed? A sign of human decency? I'm sure Hillary will be delighted (?) at Ann's political conversion.

NOTE: The former Rudy Giuliani Group on Yahoo has changed its name into: Rudy Supporters for McCain. I urge everyone who thinks well of Rudy -- and I certainly do -- will join the group. You can find out more about it by e-mailing: SkCalien is "Sharon."

Today, I sent the following urgent message to McCain operatives:

It would be a very good idea to put Sharon ( on the McCain Campaign payroll. He needs people who are great organizers -- a lot more than he does big media buys. He has many such people now, and he needs more. People with Internet talents, speechwriters (hint: me), and GOTV types are going to be essential in this campaign. We need a Joe Trippi type or two, although without Joe's dismaying politics. will attack John from the left and -- believe it or not -- from the right. They will do anything in their power to deny him votes. McCain needs FEMALE veterans to get out front advocating his campaign. He needs Hispanics from Arizona and Texas to endorse him -- he won big with the Hispanic vote in the last Senate campaign. He even carried Apache County, which is unheard of for Republicans. Another very important point: Right now, he needs the endorsement of Gov. Sarah Palin, the nation's most popular elected official.


ARLINGTON, VA -- U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign today announced that Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Robert A. Gleason, Jr. has endorsed John McCain for president.*

"Today, I am excited to personally endorse Senator John McCain, who has proven to me that he is by far the candidate most ready to lead our country as our next president. Rarely does a candidate possess the level of experience and leadership qualities that Senator McCain brings to this race," said Chairman Gleason. "As a fellow veteran, I feel his sacrifices to our country are examples of leadership defined, not leadership discussed. Over the next nine and a half months, I look forward to working alongside former Governor Tom Ridge, a faithful McCain supporter, to deliver all of Pennsylvania's 21 electoral votes to Senator John McCain, the next Republican President of the United States of America."

John McCain thanked Chairman Gleason for his support, saying "I am grateful for Rob Gleason's support. I admire Rob's long and distinguished record of service to our party and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His advice and counsel is important as we work toward victory in Pennsylvania."

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