Saturday, February 2, 2008

New McCain Forum For You!

New McCain Forum For You!
Please copy the above link and visit the new McCain Forum. It allows you to leave comments, which I hope you will, and contains links to all relevant sites for McCain volunteers (contributions, Bloggers for McCain, and the like). You can find the direct link at the top of my blogroll to the right. Thanks so much for your help.

I have written several columns -- and added several guest columns -- about McCain, which you can find at

A tremendous amount is going to happen in the nominating process over the next four days. I believe on Wednesday of next week in Boston, Massachusetts, Mitt Romney will end his campaign -- and probably will endorse John McCain. As for Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, I predict that they will retreat from public life and perhaps join, respectively, a monastery and a nunnery.

Like all national elections, this one will be close -- and ferociously contested. The winning element could be the bloggers, who will play an unprecedented role in this campaign. God bless you all.


From Greg at Rudy Supporters for McCain:

Hugh Hewitt has posted a blog thought here -- -- in which he argues:

The Romney campaign's February 5th math is simple: move all the voters from the Huckabee pile onto theirs and claim a majority of conservatives.

Won't happen. Huck's supporters support him (largely) for one reason: he's an evangelical Christian. These folks are not going to jump to a Mormon candidate...Sorry, his religion is an issue with many.

The other thing that was a revelation was the news from Lousiana where the block of pro-life so-cons going to the state convention to select delegates are committed to McCain. Every one of them. This tells me that Romney stands no chance of simply getting "all" of Huck's supporters.

And wasn't it not too long ago that Hewitt and company were saying that Huck wasn't a conservative at all? So, how can his supporters coming over to Romney make up a "conservative majority."

This kind of blindness based on an emotional investment in Romney is what passes for political analysis from Hugh Hewitt these days. He should never have gotten in bed with Romney to the extent that he has. He's painted himself into a corner, and now that Romney is proving NOT to be the great conservative savior (give GOP voters credit for seeing through Romney), Hewitt sees no way out.

A friend in Oregon responded to the above:

I stopped reading or listening to Hewitt sometime last summer, having watched him self-destruct by utterly (and eagerly) destroying his credibility and integrity. Some of his regular readers are genuinely certifiable. I just could not see the point in wasting further time or energy on them.

Instead, I sent a large donation to McCain. At the time, his campaign was universally derided as moribund, at best. I thought it likely that my donation would accomplish nothing of worth--with the notable exception of satisfying my conscience that I had at least tried to do something for my country.

As things changed for the positive, I would return to Hewitt's site only when I needed a good laugh. His post after Romney's religion speech was a particular screamer.

Hewitt claims he will support the GOP nominee, but how can he?

Steve is right: Hewitt has painted himself into the deepest, darkest corner imaginable from which there is no escape.

Check his site on Wednesday morning. His post should be the most hilarious one yet.



colecurtis said...

Hey Steve i was kinda hoping that Camera prostitue Coulter and Oxy contin Limbaugh might hook up and O.D. on each other. I love the new site as you can tell already. I can not wait to see how he attempts to sow up that gash Romney's loosing the nomination is going to create in his column. He has really put his reputation on the line I believe along with his creditability for Romney. I don't get it, why he don't grab a life raft already.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Yeah, I think Rush Limbaugh must be back on his "meds" again. As for Ms. Coulter, I hope she and Hillary become inseparable. I love the new Forum too, and I think we'll have a ton of people there. Cindy, the founder, is a super-blogger. There are going to be a whole horde of people supporting McCain as the campaign goes on, but we're the tip of the spear in the Forum. P.S. I love Mobile, Alabama. I think football coach Vince Dooley was born there.

steve maloney