Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stacey: New PA Blogger Emerges

Recently, I've been asking visitors to join two organizations: (1) The Nobama Network, a huge coaltion of people committed to keeping Barack Obama out of the White House; (2) Clintons4McCain, a group of Hillary Supporters, Republicans, and Indepdents working for the election of John McCain. On this site, I'll begin my regular columns again on Sunday, July 6.

On my Pennsylvania blog Thurssday afternoon, I put up the following material about a fine new blogger, Stacey:

Western PA Activist Blasts Altmire
I write a lot of blog columns -- many hundreds of them to this point. Another thing I do is try to emcourage other bloggers -- young and old -- to take up the "hobby." One of them is Stacey, born in WV and now a western PA activist, who has a new, highly readable blog. You can find it at: Her first column takes Congress to task for preventing American firms from drilling for oil. She "lays the wood to" her own congressman (and mine), Jason Altmire. Like me, Stacey strongly favors Melissa Hart, who's committed to bringing down gasoline prices. Please take a look at Stacey's work -- an excerpt follows.

"Congress has the ability to help its people, but chooses not to do anything . . . in order to win an election. In the last few weeks, Congress could have passed a bill to remove the ban on drilling off of our coasts. They could have begun eliminating obstacles to building new nuclear plants. They could have promoted the expansion of the clean coal process. They could have allowed us to begin drilling for more natural gas. They could have lifted the ban on ANWR. They could have passed a bill to incentivize the expansion of renewable energy sources. They could have lowered the price of the gas in your tank. If Congress would take ANY of these steps, the price of gas would go down.

"What did they do? Nothing, nada, zilch, zip, zero.Instead they tell you that these steps would only lower the price a few cents. At this point, lowering it a few cents would be better than allowing it to go up. They tell you to blame big oil and those evil speculators. They tell you it will take years to get any oil from new homeland sources. I don't know, but years sounds better than never to me. It is time for the American people to tell Congress a thing or two."

[Note: Please visit Stacey's site and leave her a comment. I'll begin my regular columns again starting July 6, Sunday. I hope everyone has a happy and blessed 4th of July.]


Stacy said...

Thank you Stephen for your kinds words and encouragement. I truly appreciate your support. I look forward to a fun and challenging debate season.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Stacy, I'm lookinf roward to working together to achieve our shared goals.