Friday, July 18, 2008

Like $4 Gasoline? Vote Obama

John McCain doesn want you to pay $4 for gasoline or $4 for milk. Apparently everyone else does.

I admit I'm the "worm-in-the-wood." I want fundamental re-thinking to go on. What happened in 2008 is NOT a temporary glitch, something to be cured by the exit of Howard Dean and Donna Brazile, both of whom are NEVER going to leave.

And what on earth is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Right now, Nancy and her merry men and women don't want the U.S. to produce another barrel of oil or burn another ton of coal. They don't like the gasoline you put in your car. It's nasty stuff. It leaves carbon footprints all over the place. Coal? Ugh!

Barack Obama agrees with them. Of course, these Democratic policies are now wrecking our economy. When Congress, one dominated by you-know-whats, is the problem, it's really disingenuous to blame it on George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. Bush said five years ago that our cuontry was "addicted to oil." Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid heard that, but they did nothing.

If they continue to do nothing, and Obama goes along with it, all the "good, high-paying jobs" we heard about in the primary will be gone. I don't like burning coal anymore than the head of the Sierra Club, but right now our alternative is the Stone Age.

Currently, the approval rating of Congress is in the single digits. Even single digits is too high for this bunch.

Remember Iowa? All the candidates, including your favorite lady, went there and "took the pledge." They supported ethanol -- more precisely they supported huge taxpayer subsidies for ethanol, which has no economic jutification on its own. As we're all finding out, milk now costs $4 a gallon and there are food riots in various countries.

Gee, what's the connection between politicians "taking the pledge" and the fact that poor families can't buy milk? It is one of casue and effect. In exchange for votes, politicians sold out the people who now can't afford milk.

Gee, one guy didn't take the pledge and didn't go to Iowa, didn't pander, and didn't get any votes. That happened to be John McCain. He knows ethanol is a crock, although he may give it occasional lip service.

The Democrats (and several Republicans) who took the pledge did great damage to people's lives. River Daughter talked about "shared responsibility" as a Democratic goal. But one greater responsibility candidates (or leaders) have is to gell people the truth. That wasn't done in Iowa -- except through his absence, by John McCain.

He doesn't want you to pay $4 for gasoline or $4 for milk. Apparently, everyone else does.

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